How to Publish Well in Science

An exclusive fireside chat with Sir David Lane, Li Jingmei and Ali Miserez

The notion of "good" science has arguably changed over the years, influenced by a slew of metrics such as journal impact factor, H-index and citation count. At this exclusive fireside chat, a panel of distinguished scientists will discuss how best to navigate this new normal. They will also take questions from the audience on topics such as grantsmanship, publishing strategy and careers in science.


  • ​​​​Sir David Lane
    Chief Scientist, Agency for Science, Technology and Research
    Sir David Lane is credited for discovering the p53 tumor suppressor gene, also known as the "Guardian of the Genome"
  • Li Jingmei
    Senior Research Scientist, Genome Institute of Singapore
  • Ali Miserez
    Nanyang Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University​


  • Juliana Chan​
    Nanyang Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University
    Editor-in-Chief, Asian Scientist Magazine

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