Introduction to NMR-Based Tools in Clinical Research and Biobanking

Seminar Overview

One of the major benefits of In-Vitro Diagnostic Research (IVDr) by NMR is its reproducibility and transferability, which enables researchers across the globe to exchange data based on SOPs embedded in the IVDr Platform solution.

This allows integrated statistics on worldwide results as well as retrospective analysis of already acquired data with new analysis routines and leads to a reduction of cost. Using the IVDr by NMR platform and established standard operating procedures, it is also possible to offer remote analysis such as automatic urine quantification and lipoprotein subclass analysis on serum and plasma.

Avance ivdr

Prof. Dr. med. Friedrich K. Trefz of University Childrens Hospital Heidelberg, Germany is in the process of developing a selective screening program for IEM using NMR as a first line method and to evaluate its efficiency to GC/MS in a routine setting of the selective screening laboratory. In this webinar, he will report of the promising first results of this program.


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Professor Dr. Friedrich Trefz (Biography), Senior Pediatric consultant, Department of Translational Medicine, University Childrens Hospital Heidelberg

Dr. Manfred Spraul (Biography), CFO of the Applied, Industrial and Clinical Division at Bruker BioSpin, Bruker

What you will learn

  • Usage of NMR on a standardized platform for clinical/translational research in a worldwide network
  • Learn about efficient NMR based mixture analysis tools that can support your work
  • NMR offerings for biobanks
  • Find out about the use of NMR in padiatric hospital routine and comparison to GC-MS

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