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Modelling Cell to Cell Interactions with Lung Organoids - Keys to Differentiation, Disease and Therapy Webinar

Learn about the latest use of lung organoids.

Listen in as Dr Joo-Hyeon Lee of the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute discusses the recent discovery an ex vivo organoid co-culture system that can govern lineage specifications of epithelial stem and progenitor cells, the BMP4-calcineurin/NFATc1-TSP1 regulatory signaling pathway.

About the Presenter

Dr Joo-Hyeon Lee was captivated by stem cell research through her PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Daesik Lim in KAIST, Korea. Following her studies, she joined the lab of Prof. Carla Kim at Harvard Medical School, where she became interested in the study of adult lung stem cells, and developed an ex vivo organoid co-culture system - which visualises lineage specification of stem cells and recapitulates the stem and stromal cell interactions of the lung.

Dr Lee is currently a principal investigator at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, at the University of Cambridge, UK. Together with her group, she focuses on understanding the cellular behavior and regulatory networks of adult stem and niche cells in homeostasis and regeneration.

Webinar Topics

  • Lung organoid co-culture system as the modelling of cell-cell interactions
  • Crosstalk between stromal/niche cells and lung stem/progenitor cells for lineage specification
  • The future of lung stem cell-mediated epithelial homeostasis and related pulmonary disease research

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