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Noninvasive Mechanical Ventilation in Acute Respiratory Failure. Towards a Paradigm Shift


Non-invasive mechanical ventilation (NIMV) is a ventilatory support therapy that does not invade the patient's airway. It has become a technique of first order in the therapeutic approach of the patient who suffers respiratory failure and who is treated in a hospital environment (emergency services, intensive care units, resuscitation units and conventional hospitalization rooms) or extrahospitalario.

NIMV is complex and its learning curve is progressive. This is faster and more reliable if it starts with intensive monographic courses, where the student can learn theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a short time. In this presentation we talk about the basics of NIMV, its learning and clinical use in a multipurpose hospital ward.


Gonzalo Sempere
Area Medical Specialist, Short Stay Unit
Dr. Peset University Hospital, Valencia

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