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Optimizing Your ELISA and Immunoassay Performance Q&A Session and Webinar

Join Russell Neuner, our principal scientist, as he reviews tips & techniques to optimize your ELISA and immunoassay performance

Many commercial assay kits perform with high sensitivity and a broad dynamic range using purified proteins, but fail to perform in experimental sample types. Listen in as our expert reviews the key steps to take when developing your experiment to ensure sensitive, specific and accurate data.

About the Presenter

Russell Neuner leads a team developing multiplex immunoassays at our immunoassay development and manufacturing site in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Our team in Eugene has collectively developed over 500 ELISA and multiplex immunoassays with extensive attention paid to assay validation to ensure sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and reproducibility.

Webinar Topics

  • The key steps to take when developing an ELISA or multiplex immunoassay to ensure sensitive, specific and accurate quantification
  • How to evaluate ELISA and multiplex immunoassay kits - what data should be provided with the assay and what tests can you do to check for specificity and accuracy
  • Strategies that will be discussed, include how to: titrate antibody pairs to improve signal to noise, alleviate matrix effects, and calibrate protein standards
  • Key fundamentals, such as how to optimize sample dilutions, control for matrix effects, normalize for batch variability and test for recovery and linearity of dilutions

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