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Pre-Analytic Challenges of Near-Patient Immediate Diagnostics

Patient-oriented immediate diagnostics are gaining ever-higher status in the entire healthcare system. Among other things, it enables rapid therapeutic decisions and is often established, for example, in the field of blood gas analysis and glucose determination. As a rule, analyzes of near-patient immediate diagnostics are not performed by laboratory personnel, but are carried out by the staff at the point-of-care, eg the nursing staff or doctors. No other test results have a greater direct impact on patient care.

Particularly in near-patient immediate diagnostics, the importance of preanalytics, ie of all processes that take place before the actual analysis, is particularly high. Errors in preanalytics are the cause of up to 62% of all errors in laboratory analyzes. It is therefore important to recognize the possible sources of error in the near-patient immediate diagnostics in order to avoid erroneous measurement results with possible risks for patient care in advance and to ensure patient and operator safety.

In this webinar, the pre-analytic challenges will be highlighted and will help the user to establish a successful management in the near-patient immediate diagnostics.


Dr. med. Dipl. Biol. Astrid Petersmann, University Medical Center Greifswald, Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

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