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Quantify GFP-Tagged Proteins in Just 90 Minutes

Get rapid results with GFP SimpleStep ELISA® kit

Green fluorescent protein (GFP) is a powerful tool to investigate gene expression, protein localization, and a range of other processes. To better enable you to detect and quantify GFP, we have developed a GFP SimpleStep ELISA® kit (ab171581). This kit offers several benefits:

  • Detects both the enhanced and superfolder variants of GFP
  • Uses a one-wash protocol allowing you to run your ELISA in 90 minutes
  • Measures as low as 1.8 pg/mL

Table 1. GFP SimpleStep ELISA kit (ab171581) is over 15-times more sensitive than the leading competitor, and delivers results in just 90 minutes.

Product Range (pg/mL) Sensitivity (pg/mL) Assay time
Abcam GFP SimpleStep ELISA kit (ab171581) 2.7–2,000 1.8 1 h 30 min
Leading competitor human GFP ELISA kit 31.2–2,000 30 5 h

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