Lentiviral Expression

Lentivirus expression systems are one of the most popular methods of gene delivery into host cells. This is mainly because they offer many advantages over both traditional adenoviruses and retroviruses.

For this purpose, the lentiviruses may be used for either transient or stable expressions and they can be used to infect both quiescent and replicating cells.

AMSBIO provides ready-to-use constitutive or inducible over-expression lentivirus for specific gene transfers and cDNA and shRNA expression.

The service includes sub-cloning of the selected genes  in the lentivirus expression vectors and production of 0.5 ml expression lentivirus for each gene. The titre of lentivirus in the final product is > 1 x 107 Transducing Units/ml.

The service thus maximises gene expression along with safer lentiviral packaging through  use of 3rd generation lentivirus system, which generates replication incompetent virus.

Construction of the over-expression lentivirus particle

The client chooses the promoter for the gene, the tag as well as a selection marker and a fluorescent marker.  The target gene or template is provided by customer or obtained by AMSBIO from a cDNA collection.

The services then go on to construct the lentiviral clones. The procedure   generates 0.5 ml (or more as requested by the client for his or her research needs) of ready-to-use expression lentivirus.

Advantages of AMSBIO lentivirus services

Advantages of using AMSBIO lentivirus services:-

  • These are safe to use. The lentivirus particles constructed are self-inactivating.
  • The lentivirus particles can deliver the gene or shRNA to a wide range of cell lines including non-dividing, primary or stem cells.
  • The lentiviral vector can be engineered in-house to provide high efficacy gene integration into cell genome.
  • The lentivirus particles developed have the strongest promoter for the highest protein expression especially for mammalian cell lines.
  • Either an inducible or constitutive expression may be chosen.
  • A fluorescent marker or protein is used to quantitate and monitor the titres of the lentivirus. These fluorescent proteins are however not fused to the target.

Faster turnaround, best price and assure quality and extended experience of personnel ensure edge over competitors.

AMSBIO is a premier provider of quality life science research reagents and services helping customers develop innovative methods, processes, products and medicines. This is achieved by offering small and medium size manufacturers, academic groups and revenue generating biotechs a unique partnership for the global market and by providing state of the art and cost effective solutions to end users and partners.

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