Stable Cell Line Generation

Stable expression of a gene or shRNA of interest is of importance to the researcher using biotechnology and studying therapeutics. This can be achieved by two methods:-

  • Method that use eukaryotic vectors that carry the elements for episomal maintenance in the nucleus of a transfected cell
  • Method that use direct integration of the transfected plasmid into the target cell’s genome

AMSBIO provides services that enable generation of stable mammalian cell lines. These are constitutive or inducible for both genetic expression of choice (over or normal expression) and silence of the gene (gene knockdown).

The stable cell lines provided can also express therapeutic biologics such as monoclonal antibody, hormones and enzymes for biological used in clinical and preclinical tests.

Advantages of AMSBIO stable cell lines

The advantages of using the stable cell lines from AMSBIO include their unique technological assistance and support systems, experienced personnel, quick turnaround time (around 6-8 weeks for research grade cell lines) and cost effectiveness.

The cell lines are created and shipped as cryopreserved vials after validation of the integration of the target gene.

The cell lines are developed with the help of lentiviral technology.

The lentivirus particle is made to infect the desired cell line and  generate clones that are constantly expressing the target gene or the shRNA at a high level.

The target gene may be chosen by the client as a constitutive or inducible promoter using a selection marker and a fluorescent marker or AMSBIO designs and synthesizes or obtain the templates from a cDNA collection.

Services provided by AMSBIO

The services provided by AMSBIO for generation of cell lines include:-

  • Integrating the desired gene or shRNA into the lentiviral vector
  • Generating the lentivirus particle with the desired gene
  • Transduce or infect the gene into the cell line needed
  • Selection of only high expression cells
  • Validate the integration of the gene by genomic PCR and validate the high-expression clone by Western Blot (if needed)
  • Preparation of two cryogenic preserved vials of stable cells along with documentation

Benefits of AMSBIO’s services

AMSBIO scores over others in several aspects that include:-

  • The lentiviral particles generated are safe and self inactivating.
  • The lentiviral particles can deliver the target gene into a wide range of cell lines including primary or stem cells.
  • These lentivectors have the strongest promoter for the highest protein expression among mammalian cells.
  • Client can choose a constitutive or inducible promoter.
  • Fast turnaround time, technical expertise and best price matching best quality.


AMSBIO is a premier provider of quality life science research reagents and services helping customers develop innovative methods, processes, products and medicines. This is achieved by offering small and medium size manufacturers, academic groups and revenue generating biotechs a unique partnership for the global market and by providing state of the art and cost effective solutions to end users and partners.

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