Alvetex® is a synthetic scaffold that is used to form the micro-architecture over which 3D cell culture is performed.

2D cell cultures have traditionally used treated-polystyrene 2D surfaces as commonly used plastic ware. With Alvetex® there is a possibility of equal growth along with possibility of growth in three dimensions.

The material adapts easily to existing tissue culture plastic-ware like multi-well plates etc. It is available as a pre-fabricated, sterile, is ready to use device.

Advantages over traditional plastic ware

Alvetex® has several advantages over traditional plastic ware. It accurately recreates the complex cellular microorganization and microenvironment for the cells to grow in and thus shows cells growth and development pattern in their native state.

This enables more accurate research into cell growth, development, maturity, interactions, behavior and functions.

The cells are allowed to maintain their natural 3D shape and structure and allowed to interact with each other mimicking natural environment or organ system basics.

What is Alvetex® made of?

Alvetex® is made of the same polystyrene as used in traditional 2D cell culture plastic ware. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that is has shape that enable cells to reproduce natural shape and form and maintain their integrity to allow more accurate and realistic cell biology research.

It is made up of highly porous polystyrene scaffold that is microengineered into a 200µm thick membrane which provides a 3D space where the cells can come in, grow and multiply.

The third dimension has a vertical axis that enables additional layers of cells to deposit over each other forming a 3D structure.

Benefits of Alvetex®

Benefits of Alvetex® include factors like:-

  • Similarity to natural cellular matrix and micro-environment
  • Consistent structure that is stable and inert
  • Compatible with new research
  • Adaptable to existing cellular formats

Alvetex® overcomes the limitations of culturing cells on flat plastic surfaces.

  • Maintenance of in vivo structure and function – there are changes in the morphology and function when using 2D cultures. 3D culture systems using Alvetex® form more complex structures that reproduce natural in vivo structures. For example, skin constructs using Alvetex ® are such that they can be used to test drug and allergen penetration as well as in barrier protection studies.
  • Alvetex ® can be coated with ECM proteins
  • Cells can be explanted directly into the scaffold – cells can be explanted into Alvetex® directly from pieces of primary tissue or cell aggregates. They are able to migrate freely within the scaffold and spread. This helps in studying separation of alternative cell types, and studying tumors.

Summary of the benefits of using Alvetex® in 3D culture

Assays that may be used with Alvetex®

Assays that may be used with Alvetex® include:-

  • in situ hybridisation
  • tissue processing
  • fixation
  • embedding and sectioning
  • bright-field microscopy
  • electron microscopy
  • immunocytochemistry
  • cryostat sectioning
  • flow cytometry
  • nucleic acid and total protein extractions
  • bioassays etc.

Alvetex® - the Gold standard for 3D cultures

Alvetex ® forms the Gold standard for 3D cultures because it satisfies on more than one account:-

  • It can create suitable and natural environment for cell growth, differentiation and function
  • Maintains cell structures and shapes in 3D
  • Allows complex intracellular and intercellular interactions
  • Reduces the aberrant responses caused by growth substrate
  • Consistent 3D cell culture development in the matrix
  • High level of batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Compatible with assays
  • Developed as a consumable off-the-shelf product to be used routinely


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