Highly Specific Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies for Histone Modification Experiments


Highly specific RabMAb® antibodies to histone modifications, provide sensitive, easy-to-interpret results every time, enabling maximum specificity and reproducibility for histone modification experiments. Peptide arrays are used to screen the right antibodies that do not cross-react with other histone modifications.

Abcam’s array consist of 501 peptides, including histone variants, unmodified controls, and single and multiple modifications.

Recombinant RabMAb technology

By eliminating batch-to-batch variation, recombinant RabMAb technology provides users with a consistent antibody and helps them to achieve reproducible results throughout their project.

Histone RabMAb® antibodies (with product code)

Histone H3










H3K27M mutant




H2A.X S139p


Histone H4






About Abcam

Abcam is a global life sciences company providing highly validated antibodies and other binders and assays to the research and clinical communities to help advance the understanding of biology and causes of disease.

Abcam’s mission is to serve life scientists to help them achieve their mission faster by listening to their needs, continuously innovating and improving and by giving them the tools, data and experience they want. Abcam’s ambition is to become the most influential life science company for researchers worldwide.

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