A Proactive Attitude to Health Care


People think private health insurance is all about using healthcare services, but it can offer more than that. It fosters a proactive attitude to health care when applied correctly, and this isn’t typically appreciated.

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Numerous health problems can be better handled and treated when diagnosed early on, putting less pressure on patients and health funds. Private health insurance can also enjoy more flexible scheduling options for routine health checks.

Private health insurance members of all ages are strongly recommended to book a yearly health check with their local health care professional, and address some of the following conditions:

Skin cancer

With early diagnosis, over 95 percent of skin cancers are entirely treatable. With the highest skin cancer rates in the world, Australians have extra cause for concern. People should be routinely assessing themselves, looking for differences in colour, size and shape of existing spots and searching for new ones, and consult their health care professional for further information.

Blood pressure

If there is a history of high blood pressure (hypertension) in the family, or you are over 40, regular checks should be carried out. If there is no known personal or family history of hypertension, a check every two years minimum should be sufficient. High blood pressure is manageable when diagnosed early, but neglect can go on to cause multiple severe conditions that can prove fatal, including strokes, kidney disease and heart failure.


Many serious conditions can stem from inadequate weight management, diabetes being one. Though many of these are not life threatening and can be treated, observing good weight management is the better choice. Weight, body mass index (BMI) and waistline measurement should be checked by a health practitioner every two years. For older members, yearly checks are required.

Vitamin D deficiency

Access to the sun will provide ample Vitamin D, though many experience little exposure to sunlight due to their busy, modern lifestyles. Vitamin D deficiencies often go unnoticed unless a blood test is taken, which, unless the person has a Vitamin D deficiency, should be every two years.

Sexual health checks

While an important feature, assessing sexual health involves more than looking for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Scheduling a Pap smear-which can help with diagnosing cervical cancer early- every two years is recommended for sexually active females. People should be able to comfortably talk with their health care professional about their sexual history as well as potential STI related symptoms, so they can better assess potential exposure and risk.


An individual’s personal attitude and discipline can determine good oral hygiene, in addition to routine dental check ups. Health issues pertaining to teeth, gums and other dental areas often go unnoticed without being flagged by a professional. With early diagnosis and detection, treatment and management will always be easier.

Anyone feeling disappointed with their current health insurance when it comes to a proactive approach to health care needn’t be afraid to look at, and compare, alternative options. Health insurance goes beyond treating illnesses and injuries. Better health insurance- better health management.

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