DyCare™ Case Study – Lynx™ Solution

Case Study

Using Shimmer sensing technology to improve patient care.


Shimmer sensing technology came to the forefront when Dycare™ used it to provide optimum patient care through the availability of clear and understandable data in those who had movement disorders of various sorts. DyCare is a company in Barcelona, Spain, which specializes in supplying healthcare solutions for better therapy in musculoskeletal and neurologic disease.

Background and Objectives

Musculoskeletal disorders are both common and painful, exacting severe consequences on both the individual and the society. It is estimated that one in six people the world over, have some neurologic disorder.

In Europe alone, about 100 million people of working age are victims of musculoskeletal pain. In Spain, about 45.8% of middle-aged working people have musculoskeletal problems. It was against this background that Lynx™ came on the market – a beautiful offering by DyCare of a technology solution which gives clinical data in quantifiable form on the patient’s condition as well as a thorough and reliable analysis of the results of ongoing therapy.

The diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurologic disorders has been hampered by many limitations as to their early diagnosis and treatment, lack of personalized therapy options, and the absence of a clinical system which could make sure that treatment is keeping pace with the patient’s needs and adapted to changing requirements.

Lynx™ Solution

The Solution – A Device which Objectively Quantifies Movement Data

Neurologic disorders are of many types: they may be unpredictable in their course, episodic or progressive. Thus, qualified medical follow-up is indispensable over a scheduled routine of visits.

However, the inability to make objective and accurate measurements of movement hamper the clinician’s ability to identify the functional capacity for movement on the part of each patient, and to evaluate how the therapy is helping the patient recover.

DyCare Lynx is simple to use but accurate in its data as to the joint mobility of each part tested. It is certified medical software which complements dynamic testing with the help of wearable wireless sensors.

The steps used by this device to acquire data are:

  • Capture, in which the 9Dof sensor is positioned directly over the joint to be studied before the joint is moved through the preset movements
  • Assessment, in which new algorithms are used for real-time analysis and immediate display of biometric parameters
  • Reporting, in which the report is generated in a format easy to understand for both the clinician and the patient. This comprises a complete report of the clinical outcome of the patient which can be transmitted to other specialists involved in patient care.

Movement Disorder Assessment

The Market Need

Patient monitoring is urgently needed in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders because these require a disproportionate share of healthcare resources. However, most of the available data comes from self-reported patient data as well as surveys which are prone to a number of errors.

Current treatment modalities focus on the biological condition only without heed to functional and occupational recovery of function. The third reason is that many conditions which are not of musculoskeletal in origin are not properly included under this model, especially when only symptomatic treatment is available.

Sensors worn over the body permit biophysical and kinematic activity to be visualized by in situ data collection from a patient without restricting freedom of movement in any way. The ability to see real-time kinematic information is vital to developing solutions to these disorders.

The Shimmer3 9Dof is a unit used to collect inertial measurements. Its advantages include a light but high-capacity CPU, a subsystem designed for accuracy and low form factor. The way in which multiple sensing parameters are linked automatically, and the visual output form, makes it ideal for this type of application. The APIs include the automatic calculation of the angle and quaternion.

DyCare IMU

Quick Insight

Shimmer3 Dof thus provided the earliest Wearable Wireless Sensor Platforms which were launched particularly to help develop wireless medicine in this field. DyCare has delved into the way efficient health care is delivered and used this understanding to design a solution that helps patients to receive better treatment by helping to assess the functional level of these patients objectively as well as to evaluate patient progress in a quantifiable manner.

About ShimmerShimmer

Since the Shimmer technology was originally conceived in 2006, to when the company was founded in 2008, we have been pioneering wearable sensor technology and solutions, and currently ship to over 80 countries worldwide.


Shimmer is an ‘end-to-end’ wearable technologies services and sensor manufacture company, that constantly provides best-in-class wearable sensing technology, combined with leading experience and expertise to our customers right across the globe. Our solutions and services range from customization services and volume manufacture to complete wearable sensing solutions of any complexity.

Our Services Include

Shimmer offers full customization of our wearable sensor technology to meet your specific application and end user requirement, with low cost, quick-turn development builds

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Our experienced applications Engineers meet the most ambitious and complex requirement from embedded programming, firmware development data processing and display

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Hardware evaluation, design and volume manufacture to meet your requirements. Incorporating virtual prototyping and interactive feedback from our ISO accredited production line

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