Five Oral Hygiene Tips for Busy Lifestyles


The modern lifestyles of people have placed higher demands, indicating that they are busier than ever before. In this busy life, people can neglect their health while focusing on things considered to be even more important. However, this is evidently a mistake because not taking care of one’s health could easily lead to health conditions that hinder one’s lifestyle.

This is specifically the case when good oral hygiene is considered: people go on business lunches, stay late at the office, and travel extensively, for fun and for work. There arises the need to find practical ways to care for teeth on the move that are also easy to follow.

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Eating Habits

One bad habit that can be easily and quickly avoided is reaching for a large coffee or a sugary drink whenever in need of a quick energy boost and a bit of refreshment. However, too much coffee leads to stains on the teeth and also forms an environment in which bacteria flourish. Instead, people can opt to drink regular water whenever possible, and also restrict the intake of alcohol when possible. Moreover, at the end of a business lunch, it is advisable to order fruits in the place of a decadent dessert; your teeth and gums will be grateful.

Preventive Care

It is vital to undergo regular dental checkups to maintain good oral hygiene, enabling the detection of problems before they turn worse. When coupled with cleaning, it helps remove any buildup that leads to tooth decay. While planning overseas travel, it is advisable to schedule a visit to the dentist well ahead of the departure so that there is ample time to fix anything that might prevent one from having a pleasant trip. Regular dental checkups can be easily scheduled by adding extras cover to private health insurance in Australia, which will be more accommodating on your wallet. iSelect–Health Insurance Australia enables comparison of extras cover for various health insurers, thereby enabling easy switchover between providers if necessary.

Toothbrush Essentials

A toothbrush is an important part of good oral hygiene, in terms of choosing the correct size head and bristles for one’s mouth as well as replacing it at least once in three months. Although smaller heads and softer bristles usually work out best, the dentist will be in a position to provide great, personal advice. It is good to stock up on a few compact toothbrushes that can be easily packed during travel, and can even be carried along to be used at work while working late. Similar to the home toothbrush, it should be ensured that the bristles are allowed to air dry before packing, specifically if it comes with a container for storage. This prevents the buildup of bacteria on the bristles between multiple uses.

Use Interdental Brushes

In case it is not possible to keep a compact toothbrush, some interdental brushes can also be carried. Apart from being even more compact, interdental brushes act as a cleaner and as a floss. Although they cannot be an alternative for regular brushing, they help when one is unable to brush as normal. Since they are available in different sizes, they must be chosen wisely such that they easily fit between the teeth without hurting or being forced.

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Not only do they help eliminate food particles trapped between the teeth, they also help decrease plaque buildup. It would be ideal to use them without toothpaste, which could prove to be too abrasive for use between the teeth; however, seeking professional advice from the dentist will be helpful.

Carry Sugar-Free Gum

The flow of saliva in your mouth can be increased by chewing a piece of sugar-free gum, which helps remove food particles and reduce the buildup of bacteria after eating food or having a sugary drink. This cannot be used like interdental brushes, which can be used as an alternative for brushing; instead, it helps in maintaining good dental health between brushing.

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