The Benefit of Health Insurance for Planned Pregnancies


A young, newly married couple might consider private health insurance as an unwanted expense since Medicare takes care of the majority of their needs. Saving a deposit for their first home, or merely furnishing their first home properly, could be their most urgent desire.

However private health insurance in Australia can offer various benefits that exceed those offered by Medicare, specifically for young couples looking to start a family together. However, a most significant point to remember is that majority of the benefits offered by private health insurance in relation to pregnancy and childbirth come with a waiting period of 12 months. Individuals who plan to start a family in the next two years should immediately start thinking about opting for private health insurance.

Moreover, when individuals compare one private health insurance product with another, the following benefits should be taken into account to make sure that their needs are met.

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Reproductive Health Cover

Some couples are unaware of issues related to fertility until their attempts to become pregnant. Private health insurance, with the right plan, will cover a portion of the costs involved in different reproductive services.

Greater Choice

One of the major advantages of private health insurance is that individuals are allowed to choose hospital and medical professionals on their own, and can schedule appointments flexibly.

This specifically helps during pre- and post-natal care and services. Certain private health insurance plans also cover the services of midwives and lactation consultants.


Apart from choosing a hospital for childbirth and other in-hospital treatments on their own, individuals taking private health insurance can also make requests for a private room. Although this is not always a top priority, it can make the delivery special and more pleasant.

Extra Time to Recover

If the delivery goes well, individuals covered only under Medicare will be discharged home within two to four nights, based on whether the delivery was a natural one or through a cesarean section. For individuals covered under private health insurance, the period is normally four or five nights, giving a little more time, as well as a little extra support, to the new mothers to recover completely.

Cover from Birth

It is necessary for couples who have just had their first child to make sure that their private health cover is changed from couples cover to family cover in time. However, a majority of the private health insurers offer immediate cover to the newborn, and usually with nothing extra for children up to a specific age. Since couples face various new responsibilities, as well as expenses, when they have a child, they can benefit tremendously from this.

Many private health insurers in Australia offer various different benefits. iSelect–Health Insurance Australia allows individuals to easily compare the products to make sure that the chosen products offer the required benefits for them.

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