Lesser-Known Benefits of Australian Private Health Insurance


Any individual currently covered by private health insurance in Australia would know that coverage beyond that offered by Medicare comes with a number of benefits. However, some insured individuals, as well as people who are still considering private insurance coverage, may be unaware of some lesser-known benefits that are offered by a number of health insurance policies.

As these “hidden” benefits may not be offered by all companies, or may only be available with certain levels of coverage, the importance of carefully comparing policies and habitually reassessing coverage levels is a must for any policyholder.

Ambulance Cover

Only residents of Tasmania and Queensland are entitled to free ambulance service, with Tasmanian policyholders limited to use of this free service within the state. Australians residing in other states who want to avail the same service would need to register with a subscription service or take out private health insurance with ambulance cover. This is because the cost of treatment or transport using an ambulance or a helicopter ambulance is considerable. As ambulance coverage is not included in most standard insurance policies, individuals would be advised to check the availability of the service as an add-on.

Gym Memberships

Maintaining good general health is aided by a healthy lifestyle. Health insurance companies recognize this by incentivizing their clients to sign up for gyms or other fitness classes, such as yoga and Pilates. As this is not a standard feature in all policies, it is important for any potential policyholder to browse through and compare insurance benefits offered by various companies. The insurer may require policy holders to meet specific conditions to qualify for such benefit. Gym membership benefits could also be arranged as a lower monthly premium, instead of an actual payment.

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Glasses, Contact Lenses, and Sunglasses

Medicare typically provides relatively restricted ophthalmological services, but with the right Extras Cover on private health insurance, individuals may be able to obtain prescription glasses and sunglasses, or contact lenses as a benefit. It should be noted that sunglasses without prescription lenses would not be covered by private health insurance.


A busy lifestyle may cause individuals to neglect healthy eating habits in exchange for convenience, and doing so may lead to weight struggles and other health issues. However, with the appropriate private health insurance coverage, individuals could opt to seek services from a dietician who can help them rediscover healthy eating habits and support them with fitting these into a busy lifestyle. For individuals struggling with obesity, private health insurance also covers access to various treatment options for weight loss.  

Rehabilitation Therapy

Some surgical procedures or medical conditions require various methods of rehabilitative therapy to ensure full recovery or to avoid relapse. As many rehabilitative interventions are not covered, or only covered, by Medicare, having appropriate health coverage could greatly assist individuals in recovering without worrying about its cost.

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