Innovative Lab Capabilities for Assay Platforms

To provide the right mix of innovation and value for its clients, ACROBiosystems has introduced new lab services. The highly skilled scientists at ACROBiosystems have developed several assay platforms over the years. The introduction of the INNOVATION LAB incorporates TCR Screening Technology and the MSD SQ120 into its assay development range.

MSD-ECL Multiplexing Services

MSD-ECL Platform: Broad Range Multiplex Detection via Electrochemiluminescence

ACROBiosystems provides an array of MSD-based immunoassays with a proven increase in both sensitivity and dynamic range, all of which made possible by using electrochemiluminescent labeling. ACROBiosystems draws from its expertise to assess clients’ requirements and to guide them in the development of assays that are more sensitive than traditional ELISA.

How the Meso Scale Discovery Platform (MSD-ECL) Works

Using electrochemiluminescently-labeled detection antibodies, the MSD-ECL platform senses excitation near electrodes situated at the bottom of each microplate. When electricity is applied to the plate electrodes, the electrochemiluminescent labels are triggered to discharge light. The intensity of those emissions is then converted to a quantitative measurement of the target analytes in cell supernatant, plasma, serum, or whole blood.

Ideal MSD Applications: For Multiplexing and Complex Matrices

The MSD-ECL system offers excellent flexibility with stable, non-radioactive, and easily conjugated labels. This technology can be applied to all types of traditional ELISAs, including direct, sandwich, indirect, or competitive assays at an increased sensitivity level that can detect samples with concentrations as low as 0.1 pg/mL.

ACROBiosystems has also found that MSD assays are ideal for intricate matrices, as they normally yield low interference from components like plasma or serum. MSD is especially beneficial in that its bridging formats are not specific for species or antibody subclass.

Examples of samples:

  • Serum/plasma: Serum/plasma kits offer assay-specific components for the quantitative determination of biomarkers in plasma and serum samples
  • Tissue culture: Quantification of protein in tissue culture supernatant
  • Whole cell lysate: Detection of biomarkers in whole cell lysates
  • Other: Common high-throughput screening and assay development

Meso Scale Discovery (MSD-ECL) can be applied in work with pharmacokinetics (PK), biomarker screening, immunogenicity, and cell-based assays.







Cell-based assays

Cell-based assays

Key MSD-ECL Benefits: High Sensitivity and Broad Dynamic Range

Key Advantages of MSD Assays:

  • High sensitivity
  • Multiplexing
  • Small sample volumes
  • Broad dynamic range
  • High throughput
  • Low background

MSD’s proprietary multi-array technology can provide considerably increased sensitivity and dynamic range over regular ELISA with the extra benefit of multiplexing. Rapid, yet continuous, non-destructive reads yield consistent assay data with low sample volume requirements and reduced reagent consumption. An extra benefit of the electrochemiluminescence (ECL) detection technology is that it decreases assay background by separating the excitation mechanism from the signal.

With a wide range of quantitation, assays conducted using MSD technology are economical and display a minimal need for repeats stemming from readings above the ULOQ or below the LLOQ. This results in more usable data points from sample sets in a single run than with other similar platforms.

The combination of fast read times and the ability to conduct multiple, concurrent tests on a single sample increases productivity, delivering quick results while preserving samples.

ACROBiosystems’s MSD-ECL Platform Expertise

ACROBiosystems’ researchers have specific expertise in using MSD-ECL for complex matrices, and have proven success in meeting the demands of even the most challenging bioanalytical assays.



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Our goal is to support professionals from pharmaceutical companies, CROs and research institutes who are working on the cancer immunotherapy area by providing high-quality proteins, antibodies and assay kits.

We have multiple offices and branches in North America, Europe, and Asia, and we are proud of serving customers from over 50 countries.

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