Secondary Antibody Fragments and Their Advantages

The F (ab) and F (ab') 2 antibody fragments are of a high quality and are conjugated to HRP, AP and Alexa Fluor® dyes.

Some whole antibodies are digested particularly using enzymes; hence, they generate antibody fragments. An antibody digested by the enzyme papain yields two F (ab) fragments of about 50 kDa each along with an Fc fragment.

On the contrary, F (ab') 2 fragment antibodies are generated by pepsin digestion to remove most of the Fc region, while at the same time leaving intact some of the hinge region.

The antigen-binding F (ab) portions are part of the F (ab') 2 fragments. The F (ab) portions are linked together by disulfide bonds, and therefore are divalent with a molecular weight of about 110 kDa.

Advantages of Using Secondary Antibody Fragments

The main advantage of using a secondary antibody fragments specific to the primary antibody is that it can lead to improved results, particularly when applied in immunohistochemistry.

The non-specific binding between Fc portions of antibodies and Fc receptors on cells, such as macrophages, dendritic cells, neutrophils, NK cells and B cells is removed by the F (ab) and F (ab') 2 fragment. Those are also smaller, therefore, they can penetrate tissues more efficiently.

Furthermore, fragment antibodies do not have Fc portions; therefore, they do not interfere with anti-Fc mediated antibody selection.

There is a range of high quality antibody fragments F (ab) and F (ab') 2 available with the following benefits:

  • Reactive against a variety of species including human, rabbit, goat and mouse.
  • Provided in conjugated form to labels, such as HRP, AP, Biotin, and Alexa Fluor®  dyes.

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