RabMAb Primary Antibodies for Low Background Immunohistology

RabMAb primary antibodies are monoclonal type antibodies – meaning they are used to detect only one epitope. This means that RabMAb primary antibodies are less prone to exhibit cross-reactions with non-target proteins.

It has also been observed that RabMAb primary antibodies exhibit a greater binding affinity towards their target antigen/protein. The stronger binding of these antibodies allows a clearer signal-to-noise ratio to be achieved when compared to using the same concentration of mouse mAbs.1

This enhanced signal means that RabMAb primary antibodies tend to facilitate the specific detection of target antigens and proteins even if they are present in very low concentrations.

We have spent the last year buying AGR2 antibody from various companies and sometimes from the same company with different lot numbers, searching for an antibody that does not cross react with AGR3 and therefore is specific for AGR2, does not give us background when developing western blots, does not give us background in negative control when looking at immunofluorescent staining in tissue, and of course works well for both western blot and IHC.

We have finally found it!!

Researcher, University of Southern California

Examples of RabMAb Primary Antibodies Providing a Low Background in Various Applications

A: C-myc  -  IHC on FFPE human colonic adenocarcinoma using anti-c-Myc RabMAb primary antibody (ab32072).

B: AMPK alpha 1 (phospho S496) - IF on HeLa cells using anti-Phospho-AMPK alpha 1 (pS496) RabMAb primary antibody (ab92701).

A: MCM2 - WB on (1) MCF-7, (2) Ramos, (3) SW480, (4) Molt-4, (5) Jurkat, and (6) HeLa cell lysates using anti-MCM2 RabMAb primary antibody (ab108935).

B: Histone H3 (phospho S10) - IF on HeLa using anti-Histone H3 (phospho S10) RabMAb primary antibody (ab32107).

A: CD38 - FACS on HuT-78 cells using anti-CD38 RabMAb primary antibody (red) (ab108403) and a rabbit IgG (negative) (green).

B: Ki67 (Alexa Fluor® 488) - IF on HeLa cells using anti-Ki67 RabMAb primary antibody (ab154201).


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