The Benefits of Using RabMAb Primary Antibodies in Mouse Samples

RabMAb primary antibodies are perfect for researchers carrying out immunohistological research with mouse models.

Using mouse monoclonal antibodies in mouse tissue samples can present several problems which require complicated methods because the cross-reactivity of secondary antibodies can result in a low signal-to-noise ratio.

With the rabbit as a host, RabMAb methods can be used to create monoclonal antibodies that target specific mouse antigens with a lower immunogenicity in muridae samples.

Using a RabMAb antibody also allows monoclonal antibodies to be used in mouse models without cross-reactivity with other immunoglobins, which can result in non-specific signal formation.

Every one of Abcam’s RabMAb antibodies is checked using western blotting for species cross-reactivity in both mouse and human samples before they are made available.

The rabbit monoclonal antibody against Ercc1 (ab129267) worked beautifully on the first try of our IHC experiments. Our lab works with mice that have either knocked-out Ercc1 or a lower expression of Ercc1 (25% expression). There is a clear difference between the expression of a WT, KO, and lower expression Ercc1 in all tissues.

Diana Navarro, USA

I have been using the Rabbit Monoclonal antibody for Notch1 (ab52627) in my research with great success. In the IHC-P figure is shown the presence of Notch1 in the blood vessels of the tunica albuginea of a mouse testis. This antibody was used 1/100 in blocking solution, o.n. at 4C. Permeabilization was done with 0,3% triton-x in PBS. Antigen retrieval was preformed with tris-EDTA pH 9. Blocking was performed in PBS with 2% w/v bovine serum albumin for one hour at room temperature. Control was done with 1/100 rabbit IgG (ab27478). Tissue sections were counterstained by haematoxylin.  

​Daniel Murta, Portugal

Example Data

ab40815: IHC on FFPE mouse intestine using anti-EGFR (phospho Y1092) RabMAb primary antibody

ab53280: IHC on FFPE mouse liver using anti-Cytokeratin-8 RabMAb​ primary antibody

ab46794: IHC on FFPE mouse smooth muscle using anti-Calponin-1 RabMAb primary antibody

ab68428: IHC on FFPE mouse brain using anti-GFAP RabMAb primary antibody

ab134096: IHC on FFPE mouse spleen using anti-CD3 gamma RabMAb primary antibody

ab92514: IHC on FFPE mouse large intestine using anti-p120 Catenin RabMAb primary antibody

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