Avoid Back Pain at Work, 5 Tips

Work can be a pain for many reasons, but you don’t want it also to cause you physical discomfort. It is important to take good care of yourself and try to avoid any unnecessary injuries that can be brought on by your job. This is important whether you sit at a desk all day or if your work involves more physical activities.

The Winter Wellbeing Guide from Kinetik is all about helping you manage your health and wellbeing at home and keeping you as healthy as possible during the winter months. Here are 5 top tips which you can use to help you to avoid back pain at work.

1. Stay Mobile

Standing or sitting in one position all day is bad for both your body and your mind and regular breaks at work are vital. Staying mobile will prevent stiffness, improve mobility, and release pressure on your back. By leaving your desk or work station at regular short intervals (at least once per hour) you will stay feeling fresh and benefit from improved concentration.

2. Think Before You Lift

Have you ever quickly bent down to pick something off the floor and then felt a nasty twinge in your back? It isn’t a nice feeling – especially if it leaves you unable to move after! The take home message is that you should stop and think before you lift anything at work (this should apply at home as well!).

There are some great tips from the NHS about lifting safely. Your back will thank you if you have a quick read!

3. Keep Your Head Up

Whether you are a massage therapist, a desk worker, an engineer or a dog groomer, scrunching down over your work is something many people are guilty of - because sometimes you get so engrossed that you hunch up your shoulders and place even more strain on your back.

Try to keep your shoulders square, your head up and your back straight and take a mental note to correct your posture every time you stop for a short breather. Straighten up, do a little jiggle and reset yourself before you carry on!

4. Hold the Phone!

If you are a multitasking hero who likes to keep typing whilst taking phone calls you could invest in a headset. This will stop you cradling the phone between your ear and shoulder because this is really bad for your neck and back and causes unnecessary tension in your upper body.

If you are calling a co-worker in the same building it is even better to walk over and speak to them. This gets you out of your chair (see point 1) and is also a lot more sociable.

5. Keep Your Feet Firmly on the Ground

Crossing your legs might be a comfortable way to sit but it is really bad for your posture, back and blood flow. It increases your risk of varicose veins and puts extra pressure on the muscles around your pelvis. Try to sit with your feet firmly planted on the ground, a shoulder width apart and keep your back straight. Sitting in this position will also improve your posture and help you stay alert.

Following these 5 top tips should help you to avoid extra stress on your muscles and minimize back pain at work.

Kinetik recommends investing in a TENS Reliever if you do find yourself suffering with back pain. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a drug-free, natural method of pain relief. The range of Kinetik TENS Pain Relievers can help you to manage your pain on the go and at home.

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