Abcam Kits for Sodium Bisulfite Conversion of DNA

Optimized Kits for DNA Bisulfite Conversion

When DNA is treated with sodium bisulfite, cytosine residues in the DNA are deaminated to uracil leaving 5-mC residues intact. This alteration in the DNA sequence gives more information about the degree of methylation within a region of DNA to a resolution of a single nucleotide when the bisulfite conversion is followed by sequencing analysis.

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Bisulfite conversion kits from Abcam are designed to provide optimal and accurate conversion of non-methylated cytosine residues to uracil at a rate of over 99%. The samples suitable for use in the different kits cover a wide range. This allows the array of bisulfite conversion kits to be used in a variety of methylation studies.

The table below provides a glance of the available bisulfite conversion kits to facilitate the choice of the kit that best suits the research on hand.

Bisulfite Conversion Kit - Whole Cell Fast Bisulfite Conversion Kit DNA Isolation & Bisulfite Conversion Kit Bisulfite-Seq High Sensitivity Kit Post-Bisulfite DNA Library Preparation Kit
Product Code ab117126 ab117127 ab117124 ab185907 ab185906
Product principle Direct bisulfite conversion from cells or tissue Bisulfite conversion of purified DNA DNA isolation and bisulfite conversion Simultaneous bisulfite conversion and fragmentation for Illumina® sequencing Fragmentation for Illumina® sequencing after bisulfite conversion
Sample input Cultured cells, tissue samples, embryonic cells / oocytes Purified DNA Serum, plasma and body fluids Purified DNA Purified bisulfite - converted DNA
Minimum sample amount 100 cells / 1 µg tissue 0.2 ng DNA 50 pg DNA / 20 cells 0.5 ng DNA 1 ng bisulfite-converted DNA
Protocol Time 3 hours 30 minutes 2.5 hours 6.5 hours 5 hours

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