Biomarker Antibodies Designed to Detect Cancer

Abcam has extended its range of cancer biomarker antibodies by entering into an agreement with Spring Bioscience, which has produced an array of immunohistochemistry (IHC)-optimized recombinant rabbit monoclonal SP clones. This has enlarged their range of antibodies, with 1,300 more gold standard IHC-suitable antibodies against cancer biomarkers now available.


This new development has numerous advantages, such as:

  • The ability to target isolated cancer biomarkers and pathologic markers
  • Includes some of the most commonly used SP clone monoclonal rabbit antibodies reported in scientific literature
  • Includes antibodies that have been optimized especially for use in IHC experiments
Target name Clone ID Spring catalog ID Abcam catalog ID
PD-L1/CD274 SP142 M4420 ab228462
BRAF V600E VE1 E19290 ab228461
Cleaved PTEN SP227 M5275 ab227674
GIV (pY1765) SP158 M4584 ab130424
ALDH1A1 SP297 M6974 ab227693
B7-H3/CD276 SP265 M5650 ab227679
c-Met SP44 M3440 ab227637
FGFR2 SP273 M5730 ab227683
GPNMB SP299 M5990 ab227695
HER-3 SPM738 E19261 ab228028
IDO-1 SP282 M5820 ab228472
LIV-1 SP300 M6000 ab227696
OX-40 SP195 M4950 ab228464
PDHK1 SP270 M5700 ab227682
PTEN SP218 M5180 ab228466
SATB2 SP281 M5810 ab227686
SOX-10 SP267 M5670
TROP-2 SP293 M5930 ab227689
FAP SP325 M6250 ab227703

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