Raising Antibody Validation Standards

This article deals with increasing the standards of antibody manufacture and validation to raise the quality of the final product.

At present, the problem is one of being able to reproduce results obtained by scientific experimentation. It is claimed that experiments are not reproducible in 70% of cases1. Since new research is largely built upon earlier experimental results, it is clear that this parameter is vital in advancing scientific knowledge at a higher rate.

In this article the part played by antibody quality, specificity and consistency are examined, with the game plan used by Abcam to resolve the difficulties inherent in these aspects. The four approaches used to deliver antibody reagents with increased specificity and consistency are described.

Make sure that the antibody is specific with the current knockout validation initiative

Keeping the standard of reagents high, as originally established, by internal and external guidelines and techniques

Listen and react to customer feedback through the Abreviews platform, to honor the Abcam commitment to giving researchers open and detailed data

Advance antibody technology in new areas to make sure that the products being created are useful and well-suited to the application


1. Baker, M. Nature 533, 452–454 (2016).

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