Cytokines, Chemokines, and Growth Factors

To help with the maintenance or differentiation of cell cultures and perform functional cell assays, Abcam offers an extensive range of cytokines, chemokines and growth factors. They can also aid with the performance of functional cell assays.

Features and Benefits

  • Stimulation or proliferation of typically used cells is what determines the activity level
  • Recombinant proteins from E.coli, wheat germ, insect, mammalian, and human cells
  • Protein sequence and accession number
  • Proteins from species including human, rat, mouse and more
  • High activity and purity cytokines are guaranteed
  • Independent Abreviews® verifies the application and it is also validated through popular applications
  • Multiple pack sizes for many products

About Abcam

Abcam is a global life sciences company providing highly validated antibodies and other binders and assays to the research and clinical communities to help advance the understanding of biology and causes of disease.

Abcam’s mission is to serve life scientists to help them achieve their mission faster by listening to their needs, continuously innovating and improving and by giving them the tools, data and experience they want. Abcam’s ambition is to become the most influential life science company for researchers worldwide.

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