Reasons Why Rabbits are Capable of Producing Superior Antibodies

RabMAb® primary antibodies have many benefits which are due to the unique way in which the immune system of the rabbit functions.

An Overview of the Rabbit Immune System

The development of RabMAb antibody technology has made antibodies which have high affinity and are extremely specific against difficult antigen targets. It has been observed both in sponsored and independent tests that the following are true of rabbit immune functioning compared to that of rodents like mice:

  • It reacts against a wider array of antigens to initiate a specific immune response
  • It witnesses the conversion of more somatic genes
  • It has CDR3 sequences of greater length and heterogeneity
  • The rabbit spleen which is the most common source of antibody-generating plasma cells that are used to create hybridomas is larger than that of mice, and much more cellular

When these properties are put together, the range of antibodies becomes larger. This means that this technology works better than conventional antibody generation tools, when it comes to offering the best chance of actually getting the optimal platform for one’s experimental work.

For example, monoclonal antibodies derived from rabbits have an affinity that exceeds that of mouse monoclonals by 10 to 100 times. They act well on detecting slight variations, including minute sequence differences between different members of the same family of proteins.

To know more about the affinity data for RabMAb vs mouse primary monoclonal antibodies, follow this link.

For more information on KD and antibody affinity measurement for RabMAb primary antibodies, read more here.

Rabbit Immune System Functioning

The immune system of the rabbit is intrinsically designed to produce a wider range of different antibodies by the following mechanisms:

  • Conversion of somatic genes
  • Hypermutation of somatic genes
  • Significantly higher variations in rabbit CDRs compared to either rodents or humans, as shown by:
    • More variable sequence and length
    • More variation in the light chain CDRs
    • Antibody specificity is due to light chain sequence in greater measure than in other species
    • Both light and heavy chains have longer CDR length in rabbits than in rodents, which may be the reason why RabMAb primary antibodies have such high binding affinity
  • The immune dominance is lower
  • There are a number of lymphocytes in the spleen and other organs that form part of the immune system
  • Increased diversity of immune response because of the high degree of gene conversion and mutations
  • Following immunization, maturation of affinity occurs over a longer period of time, producing antibodies that are more specific and that have a higher affinity

Read here for more details about RabMAb technology.

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