Recombinant Antibodies: Highly Reproducible with Tailored Specificity

Winning Advantages of Recombinant Antibodies – completely Reproducible, Made to be Specific

The use of recombinant antibody generation methods is suited for high specificity, reproducibility and scalability.

How Recombinant Antibodies are Created

The process of making a recombinant antibody begins with the introduction of both heavy and light antibody chain clones, specific for their immunity, into a mammalian expression vector with high yield. The vectors that are formed as a result are inserted into hosts like bacteria, yeasts or mammals, for expression, so that functional antibodies of high quality may be manufactured.

In vitro recombinant antibody generation occurs by cloning ScFV or Fab, to form an immunoglobulin network or frame. It can also be created from an already existing hybridoma. When the latter technique is used, the most commonly used models are mouse, rat and rabbit, but almost any species may be employed as long as the right oligonucleotide primers are to hand.

Why use Recombinant Antibodies?

The use of recombinant antibodies is beneficial when compared to the standard polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies, as shown below:

Higher Reproducibility and more Consistent Performance

The process of generating recombinant antibodies using a unique set of genes ensures that the production of antibodies occurs in a dependable and regulated manner. This prevents many issues which occur during hybridoma production, like gene loss or mutations, and drift of the cell line. The end result is minimal variability between batches, and thus extreme reproducibility.

Enhanced Sensitivity and Specificity

With the use of recombinant technology, the sensitivity and specificity of the antibody can be boosted much more easily by engineering the antibody. Since the clone to be used can be selected at two stages, namely, the hybridoma and the recombinant cloning stages, the best qualities can be selected for the antibody.

Easier Scalability

Once the isolation of the antibody genes is complete, the expression of the antibody can be scaled up or down with greater ease and in a shorter time than conventional monoclonal techniques. As a result, the time required to create custom antibodies is cut to weeks instead of months.

High Throughput Without Animal Testing

Following the isolation of the antibody-creating gene, in vitro antibody generation can be employed.

Recombinant RabMAb® Antibodies

Abcam has produced engineered recombinant antibodies which present the latest versions of the RabMAb rabbit monoclonals. This enables researchers to have access to the best possible sensitivity as well as consistently performing antibodies.

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