Study Links Vaping to Increased Heart Attack Risk

Vaping has become a trend among young individuals, and generally, people assume that it is safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. However, a recent study has shown that vaping is linked to an increased risk of heart attacks.

Man Vaping

Man Vaping in cloud of smoke

Compared to non-smokers, people who use e-cigarettes are more at risk of having a heart attack. Furthermore, they are also at risk of developing coronary artery disease and suffering from depression.

The Study

The study1 demonstrated that people who use e-cigarettes are at a 35% increased risk of having a heart attack and a 25% increased risk of developing coronary artery disease. They are also at a 55% increased risk of developing anxiety or depression.

Even when other cardiovascular risks like high blood pressure, smoking, body mass index, high cholesterol, age and sex are considered, these results are valid.

Researchers believe that this is a wakeup call for those who believe e-cigarettes are safe, although they could not determine whether the damage was done before the use of e-cigarettes or was due to vaping.

According to researchers, vapers are still at high risk of developing coronary artery disease no matter the frequency of vaping. The risk was still high whether the vaping was occasional or daily. These people are also likely to develop diabetes, high blood pressure and circulatory problems.

Young People are at High Risk

Another study2 showed that despite Americans experiencing fewer heart attacks, the percentage among individuals younger than 40 years of age has increased dramatically. This suggests that young people are at a higher risk of having a heart attack.

These results concluded that of individuals who suffered a heart attack, 20% were aged 40 or younger. Over the past decade, this percentage has increased by 2% every year.

Many of the people who suffer a heart attack are in their 20s or 30s. A few decades ago, this was considered to be a rare occurrence. Just like elderly patients, these young individuals have similar risks of dying from another heart attack or a stroke, the risk of other cardiovascular problems is also increased.

Associated Risk Factors

For both younger and older individuals who have had a heart attack, the associated risk factors are the same. These include smoking, high cholesterol, vaping, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Although young individuals drink less alcohol than those older than them, they are still likely to use other substances including marijuana and cocaine. They also often vape, because they believe it is safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Precautions to Take

In order to prevent heart attacks and other health risks, it is imperative to avoid tobacco, stop vaping, maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly and reduce alcohol intake. Managing blood pressure levels and cholesterol is also important.

It is essential to take measures to prevent diabetes. This is important because one out of five heart attack patients who are aged below 50 years have diabetes. Compared to other individuals, diabetics have a higher chance of having another heart attack and dying from it.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that preventative measures are taken to improve and maintain overall health.


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