Introducing BioVisions's Simple DiaEasy™ Dialyzer Tubes

It is often necessary to eliminate small MW substances such as un-reacted crosslinking or labeling reagents (sulfo-SMCC, biotin), reducing agents (DTT, 2-mercaptoethanol, urea), and preservatives (sodium azide, thimerosal) that could interfere in subsequent steps of the experimental protocol when working with proteins and nucleic acids.

Techniques such as electroelution and dialysis have long been utilized to purify nucleic acids and proteins. Yet, these traditional techniques are riddled with many problems which may lead to sample loss, contamination, excessive time consumption, and high sample dilutions needing further concentration.





DiaEasy Dialyzer Tubes from BioVision

Biovision is pleased to introduce the DiaEasy Dialyzer Tubes product line which provides a solution to many of these challenges. These tubes supply a dual benefit as they are useful for electroelution and dialysis. For convenient handling of the tubes in the exchange buffer and electroelution they come as sets of tubes with floating racks and/or supporting trays.

This combination provides a unique tool for extraction of any protein, protein-protein, or protein DNA complex from non-denaturing and denaturing (SDS) polyacrylamide gels, and for extraction of RNA, oligonucleotides, and DNA from both agarose and polyacrylamide gels. The DiaEasy tube’s membranes are ultra-clean, sulfur and heavy metal free and EDTA treated which makes nucleic acids and harvested proteins suitable for molecular biology experiments.

These DiaEasy tubes allow quick, simple and secure loading and recovery. These high performance dialysis tubes are the most user friendly, convenient, dialysis system on the market.

DiaEasy™ Dialyzer Tubes

DiaEasy Dialyzer Tubes

Advantages of DiaEasy Dialyzer Tubes

  • Samples pass through the tubes once, eliminating repeated concentrations and dilutions
  • Single step reduces the risk of potential protein aggregation and precipitation and ensures high activity retention
  • Elution times are as low as 10 minutes and range up to 150 minutes based on a number of criteria including the sample content, size and volume of proteins
  • Most convenient, efficient and user-friendly dialysis sets on the market
  • Single step efficient dialysis saves time and eliminates the need for additional equipment

Dialysis Tube Accessories

DiaEasy Dialysis floating racks in two positions to alter the height at which the DiaEasy™ Dialysis tubes are held.

Electroelution Accessories

Supporting trays hold three DiaEasy Dialyzer tubes in a horizontal electrophoresis tank. The arrow on the cap is placed face up and the two membranes of the DiaEasy Dialyzer tubes are perpendicular to the electric field.

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