Aurora Kinase Inhibitors for Cancer Research

Aurora kinases, a highly conserved class of enzymes, attach phospho-groups to Serine/Threonine residues of substrate proteins that take part in chromatid separation at the time of cell division. The human aurora kinase class includes three members: Aurora A, B, and C (AURKA, AURKB, and AURKC).

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Functions of Human Aurora Kinase Family

Aurora A is essential for mitotic entry, centrosome functioning and duplication, and bipolar spindle assembly. Aurora B is the catalytic constituent of the chromosomal passenger complex, which directs events at the time of segregation of the chromatids during cytokinesis, mitosis, and histone modification (epigenetic regulation). Aurora C, which manifests in testes cells, is considered to be vital for chromosome segregation at the time of meiosis. The contribution of these kinases to cell division and deregulated manifestation of Aurora A and B in tumor cells (often leading to genetic abnormality and thereby resulting in malignancy) together offered the motivation to find and test small-molecule inhibitors of these kinases.

Most of these inhibitors are going through preclinical and clinical trials: MK-0457 (VX-680), AZD1152-HQPA, and PHA-739358. The first orally administered Aurora A kinase selective inhibitor was MLN8054, which was tested in human clinical trials for treating colorectal cancer. BioVision takes pride in delivering more than 25 aurora kinase inhibitors including the ones described in this article and more.

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