Inhibitors for Cancer Stem Cells

Cancer Stem-Like Cells (CSCs) are a part of a theory that describes the process of tumorigenesis and resistance to traditional chemotherapy. CSCs constitute a small subset of cancer cells with the potential to self-renew and differentiate, thus triggering tumorigenesis.

Cancer Stem-Like Cells (CSCs)

Comparing CSCs and Normal Stem Cells

Various properties of CSCs are similar to that of normal stem cells (SCs). Both constitute only a very small proportion of the total number of cells, are multipotent, are predominantly quiescent, and have the ability to self-renew indefinitely. Moreover, CSCs and SCs have similar molecular signaling profiles like Notch, Wnt, Hedgehog, and so on.

But in contrast to normal SCs that differentiate into mature, healthy cell types, CSCs tend to differentiate into cancer cells and promote tumor growth and metastasis. Furthermore, CSCs have a role to play in the resistance of tumors to therapy as well as in the recurrence of the disease. Therefore, small molecule inhibitors of Cancer Stem Cells are appealing as pharmaceutical candidates for cancer therapy.

BioVision’s Cancer Stem Cell Inhibitors

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BioVision Incorporated

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