Intra- and Inter-Molecular Crosslinkers

Crosslinkers are hetero-bifunctional or homo-bifunctional reagents including non-identical or identical reactive groups, respectively, allowing the formation of inter- as well as intra-molecular cross-linkages on proteins or other molecules.

Applications of Crosslinkers

BioVision provides homo-bifunctional and hetero-bifunctional crosslinkers. Homo-bifunctional crosslinkers, like N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) esters, particularly react with the primary amine groups and have been widely used since they can be dissolved in aqueous solvents and can produce stable inter- and intra-subunit covalent bonds. But hetero-bifunctional crosslinkers have been employed to examine the protein-protein interaction in conditions where the catalytic location of one of the proteins consists of an amine.

It is essential to take factors like membrane permeability, spacer arm length, solubility, and reversibility of cross-links into account for choosing the needed crosslinker to ensure optimal reaction with the proteins. Other factors are temperature and pH to protect the native structure of the proteins. BioVision offers an extensive set of crosslinking reagents for use with proteins and other biomolecules.

Product Highlights

  • Reagents for tagging peptides or proteins to carboxyl-containing resins, beads, or other nanoparticles
  • Water-soluble protein crosslinkers that can be employed under physiological states
  • Protein biotinylation reagents for antibodies, proteins, under alkaline or mild conditions
  • Thiolation reagents for RNA-protein crosslinking or polysaccharides



BS3 Crosslinker

BS3 Crosslinker

DTSSP Crosslinker

DTSSP Crosslinker



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