Avoid Artifacts in Your IHC Staining

You thought you knew how to recognize and solve your IHC artifacts but after reading the troubleshooting guide the answers seem so far away. Feeling overwhelmed? You are not alone. There are challenges such as examples being too difficult to understand, long lists of tips, or not-so-friendly images. Sometimes troubleshooting can seem unbearable but there is no need to worry, troubleshooting is just the logical elimination of variables.

Overwhelmed by Troubleshooting?

Over the last few decades, improvements in the protocols and reagents employed for immunohistochemistry have resulted in increased sensitivity of detection systems, contributing to the elimination of staining artifacts. Yet, it is still a daunting task to establish what is specific antigen staining and what is or is not nonspecific background staining, or to identify the sources and the best approach to enhance signal and minimize noise.

The only requirement is the correct combination of elements, a few tricks, some experience, and common sense. Make a list of things you need to accomplish and begin by taking one thing at a time.

Cracking an Artifact Can Guide You to Perfection

Having a methodology for troubleshooting is crucial. A wise researcher will have, and follow, a troubleshooting methodology because of the complexity of modern technologies. A formal methodology provides the technician with a starting place and a logical sequence of steps to follow. You are much more likely to waste time and effort and cause frustration — not only for yourself but also for your end user, if you do not have a methodology in place.

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