IHC: The Importance of Primary Antibody Controls

Some decisions are easy to make because the consequences are not that important. Some decisions are more important than others and carry more weight. The strategy you adopt, in addition to the resources of talent, time, and energy devoted to making that decision, will likely affect the outcome, no matter how easy or hard a decision is.

Controls are an essential part of a well-designed scientific experiment. The decision and selection of proper controls for immunohistochemistry (IHC) are crucial to acquire reproducible and reliable results as a basis for good scientific practice. Sadly, there are no controls that can control everything. 

Importance of Primary Antibody Controls

The purpose of primary antibody controls is to confirm the specificity of the primary antibody binding to the antigen of interest. Furthermore, controls for the primary antibodies are applied to verify the correctness of the preanalytical IHC phase related to sample preparation, such as post-fixation, fixation, processing, and storage.

For every new primary antibody, protocol and application that you test, controls must be included.

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