Tissue Processing for Successful IHC

It is extremely frustrating and tedious to spend many hours on your immunohistochemistry (IHC) only to find out that you produce low-quality, almost microscopically uninterpretable staining. There are many factors that could be the source of the problem such as the IHC protocol and the quality of the antibody. Yet, those factors are not always the cause of the problem.

Have you considered the quality of your sample? The quality of your sample and the way the tissue has been prepared strongly impacts the IHC results. Unfortunately, there is no standard tissue processing protocol for the optimal staining of all antigens.

The Importance of Tissue Handling and Tissue Processing

The quality of the staining, as the result of the antibody-antigen binding, is affected by alterations during tissue handling and tissue processing to some degree. The most typical cause of poor immunostaining is not the method itself but the potential influence on the antigenic sites during tissue preparation. Particular proteins are more susceptible to alterations in fixation than others some can be visualized only under certain conditions. 

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