What Role Does the Pathology Atlas Play in Cancer Research?

Cancer is a collection of related diseases. There are over 200 forms of cancers and a lot more subtypes. Some of the most worldwide spread cancer types are breast, lung, and prostate cancer.

Different cancers require different treatments such as immunotherapy, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. In order to choose the right treatment for specific cancer, we need to know more about cancer itself: its cellular composition, how it differs amongst individuals and which markers we can use to recognize it.  

A Data-Driven Journey in Cancer Research

The grounds for improving cancer prevention, early detection and treatment are by identifying the changes in each cancer’s complete set of DNAs – its genome – and understanding how such alterations interact to drive the disease.

This is incredibly challenging. Finding the needle in such a haystack of human proteins and genes requires a new kind of science.

Over the last few decades, genetic approaches to cancer research have advanced our understanding of the pathophysiology of this disease dramatically. This has resulted in a torrent of information pouring out of digital protein expression databases and genomics projects.

The Human Protein Atlas, partnered with the Cancer Genome Atlas to create the Pathology Atlas: an open-access database with the scope of identifying the role of genes, RNA, proteins, and metabolites in the complex human cancerous tissues and organs.

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