Exploring the Therapeutic Effects of Magnetotherapy

Magnetotherapy activates the production of an electric current in the nerve fibers due to magnetic induction. This disables painful pulses traveling from the source of pain, through the spinal cord, and into the brain centers.

Along with alternative mechanisms, such as myorelaxation, the suppression of swelling and inflammation, and enhanced endorphin production, pain relief is created.

The regulation of calcium ions traveling through the cell membrane and the stimulated endorphin production both add to vascular dilatation and the analgesic effect. They also bring general pain relief.

The analgesic effect of magnetotherapy not only provides general convenience but helps to solve neuralgic pains and insomnia. The synchronization of EEG records has been noted.

Once the therapy has been applied, the activity of the lactate-dehydrogenase in the exposed musculature has been proven to grow. This activity stops the degradation of lactic acid, which irritates the nerve receptors and results in pain.

Particularly beneficial results with Biomag devices have been reported with painful pseudoradicular and radicular syndromes such as sciatica and nerve oppression with different causes).

Myo-relaxing Effects (Skeletal Muscle Relief)

The therapy makes acidic metabolites move away more efficiently.

Perfusion is increased and the activity of lactate-dehydrogenase is promoted, which creates relief from painful irritation in the muscles and in parts that suffer from long-term inflammation.

The pain is relieved and painful muscle spasms, also known as contractures, cease.

Extensively slower operation of the nerve lines on the bottom extremities has been reported in athletes, which also adds to myorelaxation (muscle relief).

The myo-relaxing influence on the back muscles (the paravertebral striated musculature located near the spinal column) created by Biomag devices provides relief from various ailments.

Ailments that can be helped include shooting pain from the spine to the extremities, poor mobility, poor hearing, vertigo, headaches, stiff cervical vertebrae, and more.

Anti-Oedematous (Anti–Swelling Effects)

Swellings are absorbed more efficiently within the exposed part or area of the body because the therapy causes the metabolism to speed up, which means the therapy performs effectively to reduce pain and inflammation.

It is suggested that Biomag applicators are positioned above the affected body part (for example, in the case of a sprained ankle). After 30 to 45 minutes of stimulation, repeated three times a day, significant results are achieved, including strong relief from pain and swellings.

Vasodilatory Effects

The low-frequency pulse magnetic field influences erythrocyte polarization through a positive charge. The field performs against the so-called erythrocyte rouleaux. As a consequence of the therapy, the erythrocytes are redispersed, and their ability to bind oxygen is enhanced.

After traveling through the magnetic field, the blood displays a significantly higher ability to bind oxygen. The erythrocyte polarization influences artery muscular tension. The arteries become wider (vasodilatation), which helps to provide oxygenated blood, nutrients to the tissues, and accelerates the reduction of toxicants.

The oxygen partial pressure is extensively increased. Erythrocyte plasticity is promoted by low-frequency magnetic therapy. The more pliable erythrocytes can adapt to the ‘obstacles’ in the blood “riverbed” much more effectively.

The risk of blood clots is also decreased as a result of the therapy. While the therapy is carried out, the parasympathetic nervous system is triggered and Ca2+ ions are effluxed. This loosens the arterial muscles, particularly the pre-capillary constrictors, which results in vascular dilation.

All of these systems influence (harmonize) the function of the blood circulation, blood pressure, and the heart.

Low-frequency magnetic therapy can be used to fight ischemic heart disease, ischemic disease related to the upper and lower extremities, difficult-to-treat varicose ulcers, and many different blood circulation deficiencies.

The arteries that have already closed do not become passable again because of the therapy. The collateral blood flow throughout the muscular tissues and skin is significantly improved.

Detoxification, Metabolism-Stimulating Effects

The low-frequency pulse magnetic field evenly stimulates the exposed tissue. It passes through every cell, and a weak electric current is created.

The cell surface potential is adjusted, which affects cell membrane permeability, and promotes blood circulation, nutrition, and oxygenation. This results in the effective elimination of metabolic waste from the exposed tissues which is the essential prerequisite for any healing process.

It is the increase in metabolism, the reduction of waste and detoxification that generate all the recovery and healing processes.

For example, if the Biomag device performs on the liver area, the function of the liver is encouraged, which will promote and optimize the detoxification processes in the entire body.

Local effects may be stimulated by putting the applicator onto the part of the body affected or the area, the backbone, the muscle, or the joint, and so on.

The application of a smaller applicator results in a more powerful local effect (through higher induction). If a larger applicator is employed, even though the working induction is lower, a more significant positive metabolism-stimulating effect is achieved.

Healing and Recovery, Anti-Inflammatory and Antirheumatic Effects

Supported with evidence for soft tissues and bones, these effects may be understood as the general cytoplasmic membrane irritation and subsequent activation of the metabolic chain whose main function is changed in the cAMP/cGMP ratio and the enhanced osteoclast activity in the example of healing bones.

Low-frequency magnetic therapy greatly promotes the process of healing, triggers the formation of new tissue (efficient growth of calcification and bone tissue and calcification), and results in greater sensitivity to the parathormone.

The low-frequency pulse magnetic field is utilized to promote healing in the event of pseudoarthrosis, fractures, and to strengthen painful and loose endoprosthesis.

According to Chvojka, as a result of the therapy, the level of proteoglycans in the cartilage is increased by up to 22%. This supports cartilage regeneration and the healing process, which would otherwise be complex to perform at all, or would only be possible in a limited manner.

This promotion of the healing process has been verified not only with bones but also with soft tissue. Biomag devices can offer a beneficial effect, not only on sterile inflammation (rheumatic diseases) but also on microbial inflammation.

The therapy generates phagocytic activity, such as superoxide production, which results in the suppression of the microbial flora. This may also be the cause of the temporarily declining condition of rheumatics during the initial sessions of application.

Fortunately, superoxide-dismutase is then triggered, which initiates the healing process and provides general relief.

The procedure of the anti-inflammatory effect may describe how the therapeutic pulses perform on sterile inflammation. Sterile inflammation occurs with rheumatic diseases such as Morbus Bechterew, and progressive poly-arthritis. Microbial inflammation is also alleviated, seen in osteomyelitis, sinusitis, and more.

Particularly effective results are achieved in cases of pseudoradicular and radicular syndromes such as nerve oppression, and sciatica of different causes.

This is recorded in professional literature, outlining positive effects in the treatment of degenerative spinal marrow disease where a key role is performed by the intracellular to the extracellular transfer of Ca2+ ions and the provision of the required differential of calcium concentration between intracellular and extracellular areas.

Damaged cells cannot keep their concentration differential, which is 3 to 4 degrees for the extracellular area. This creates an increase in movement of calcium ions into the cells. Several enzymes are generated, including protease that would harm protein structures, creating the destruction of cells.

Cells reacting to magnetic stimuli inhibit the intracellular concentration of the calcium ions. The enzymes are decreased and the cellular functions are recovered, or are partially recovered at a minimum. In the example of cerebral palsy in children, this includes the metabolic stimulation of glial cells.

A Brief Description of the Therapeutic Effects of Biomag Magnetotherapy – Questions

To learn more about the results of low-frequency pulsed magnetic field therapy (magnetotherapy) or to learn how magnetotherapy can help with any problems, please contact Biomag. Its expert advisors will be pleased to answer any questions.


Produced from materials originally authored by Dr. Peter Bednarčík CSc from Biomag.

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Their analgesic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and healing effects are widely used in medical practice. They are used for poorly healing surface wounds, as well as in the field of sports medicine and skin care. The combination of polarised light and Biomag pulsed magnetic therapy provides significantly better conditions for overall success of treatment.

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