Healing Support for Pseudo-Arthrosis (Non-Union)

Pseudo-arthrosis or non-union happens when fractured bones do not heal correctly and the bone ends continue to be pliable. Non-union should be considered when the healing time is more than twice the standard healing time with no signs of bone healing.

Bone healing entails the fixation of the fragments and patient rest for the development of a fibrous structure, where calcium salts are deposited and a conclusive hardening of the bone happens. The second necessity for healing is an adequate blood and nutrient supply to the bone.

Non-union is known by an increase of pain throughout exercise and movement at the location of the non-union. This is normally verified by CT scan and X-ray. The consequent therapeutic process is dependant upon whether the non-union is non-vital or vital with inadequate nutrition.

Treatment should comprise of the revitalization of the altered bone, fixation change, transfer of bone grafts, spongioplasty, alteration of the blood vessel supply, and so on.

Using Magnetic Therapy in Non-Union Healing

Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy is appropriate from the first few days to post-injury for the healing of non-unions. Magnetic therapy reduces pain and increases the nutritional status of the damaged bone because of its healing and vasodilatory effects.

Magnetic therapy cannot be used as a replacement for adequate fixation. It does extensively support the metabolic procedures in the bones, which results in better incorporation of the building materials.

Magnetic therapy promotes healing, generates the formation of new tissue (efficient calcification and building of the bone tissue). It also results in increased sensitivity to parathyroid hormone.

Application of Magnetic Therapy in Non-Union Healing

To promote the healing of non-unions, apply low frequencies of 4 to 6 Hz preferentially to decrease pain. This treatment can be utilized alternately with healing frequencies from 25 to 50 Hz.

Healing of Non-Unions and Magnetic Therapy - Queries

To gain more information about magnetic therapy applications for the healing of non-unions, contact Biomag.

Do not hesitate to contact Biomag, as its team of experts will answer any queries concerning magnetic therapy applications for the healing of non-unions.


Produced from materials originally authored by Dr. Peter Bednarčík CSc from Biomag.

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The human body consists of several billion living cells. These cells have a slight electrical potential around them. The Biomag pulsed magnetic field penetrates deep into the body and influences this electrical potential of the cells, stimulating them to become active.

3D Biomag pulsed magnetic therapy creates optimal conditions to accelerate healing, reduce pain and generally regenerate the body. Polarised-light phototherapy Highly polarised, low-energy electromagnetic waves of a wavelength from 500 to 2500 nanometers have been used in phototherapy – light therapy – for many years.

Their analgesic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and healing effects are widely used in medical practice. They are used for poorly healing surface wounds, as well as in the field of sports medicine and skin care. The combination of polarised light and Biomag pulsed magnetic therapy provides significantly better conditions for overall success of treatment.

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