Using Magnetic Therapy in Pain Management

This program utilizes low frequencies to alleviate a variety of painful conditions, including post-traumatic, degenerative, and inflammatory conditions.

It is not to be used in patients with suspected myocardial infarction or severe abdominal pain to avoid the concealment of any clinical symptoms and missing an early diagnosis of serious diseases as a result.

Purpose of Magnetic Therapy Application in Pain

The function of the magnetic therapy application is to alleviate pain, reduce muscle spasms, and promote the regeneration and healing process.

Using Magnetic Therapy in Pain

This program is appropriate for most painful conditions. Its aim is the most efficient reduction of pain possible. It can be applied in painful conditions where the cause of the pain is known. For example, in post-traumatic, degenerative, and inflammatory conditions, and more.

An application of low analgesic frequencies lasting one hour prevents the need for additional therapy, for example, corrective exercise. This can be repeated as necessary and is used where acute pain results in the limitation of mobility.

It can also be used in polymorbid patients where the analgesic program, when applied at the start of therapy, reduces the creation of a more powerful adaptive response.

Upon reduction of the acute pain, the patient can move to a different program with a higher proportion of regeneration and healing frequencies.

Longer applications are needed to achieve the analgesic effect. All programs with extensive pain reduction will, therefore, have longer application times. These types of programs can be constantly applied for many hours.

The mechanism of the analgesic influence of Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy has multiple layers.

It stops the transportation of pain sensations from nerve fibers to brain centers. The enhanced production of endorphins creates analgesic effects. Spasmolytic, anti-swelling, anti-inflammatory effects are also achieved, along with the efficient removal of acidic metabolites from tissues.

Application of Magnetic Therapy in Pain

This should not be used in patients with severe abdominal pain with an unknown cause, or with possible myocardial infarction to reduce the concealment of any clinical symptoms and avoid missing early diagnosis of serious diseases as a result of this.

Pain and Magnetic Therapy - Queries

To learn more about applications for magnetic therapy in the treatment of pain, contact Biomag.

Do not hesitate to contact Biomag as its team of experts will answer any questions concerning magnetic therapy applications for pain.


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About Biomag

The human body consists of several billion living cells. These cells have a slight electrical potential around them. The Biomag pulsed magnetic field penetrates deep into the body and influences this electrical potential of the cells, stimulating them to become active.

3D Biomag pulsed magnetic therapy creates optimal conditions to accelerate healing, reduce pain and generally regenerate the body. Polarised-light phototherapy Highly polarised, low-energy electromagnetic waves of a wavelength from 500 to 2500 nanometers have been used in phototherapy – light therapy – for many years.

Their analgesic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and healing effects are widely used in medical practice. They are used for poorly healing surface wounds, as well as in the field of sports medicine and skin care. The combination of polarised light and Biomag pulsed magnetic therapy provides significantly better conditions for overall success of treatment.

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