Moving Over to Digital Pathology

It can be a long and complex process to sell and buy a slide scanner. Digital pathology is often seen an expensive and workflow-problematic future tech. Hard work has been carried out by medical equipment suppliers to break this entry barrier for going digital. Now, new, highly compatible technology is available that makes business sense for both parties.

Issues with Current Technologies

Existing solutions available to scan slides are extremely bulky, sensitive to mechanical interference and very expensive. They also often require proprietary software and have restrictive licensing. Buyers must be convinced to change the way they work to find an appropriate space to house the bulky equipment and to negotiate licensing and other auxiliary costs. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that digital pathology often finds itself in headwind.

Advantages of the Grundium Ocus

The sales process is made easy for the medical equipment supplier as the portable personal slide scanner Grundium Ocus as:

  1. It is extremely portable weighing only 3.5 kg, meaning it can easily be operated from any location and as such does not require an allocated space, which is an obvious cost benefit.
  2. All existing systems and file formats are supported with the Ocus, meaning it can integrate into any existing workflow system.
  3. The small scanning microscope isn’t even restricted to use within a hospital. It will work even in a snowy forest, a barren desert or on a desolate mountain top. It is also able to scan fibers and fluids.
  4. With this quick and simple technology, it takes less than five minutes for first-time deployment with setup and one minute to move and start up.
  5. With only 15 minutes of training, anyone can use the Ocus.
  6. Providing another cost benefit, the Ocus is practically maintenance-free as it has no wearing parts and no need for calibration.

Work is made faster and easier at a lower cost with this smart piece of tech. With a small physical footprint and no impact on the workflow, the Opus is ideal for buyers.


The Ocus is a forward-thinking app that can integrate into any software platform for various applications, which makes for a great sales pitch for the seller. A medical equipment supplier can cater to a much larger target audience at a realistic price point with the Grundium Ocus.

About Grundium

The Grundium Ocus does away with physical slide transfers between the clinic and the lab and enables live telepathology consultations between surgeons and pathologists.

The Grundium Ocus is a monumental leap in digital pathology. It is a precision tool, and is small and affordable enough to be on every medical professional’s desk. It is truly portable and can be brought anywhere. Wireless connectivity means telepathology is now possible practically anywhere on the planet.

Key Benefits

The Grundium Ocus is a game changing enabler of personal digital microscopy. It brings the global pool of pathology experts to you and it makes looking at sample slides convenient even off-lab.

The Grundium Ocus is your personal microscope scanner to make daily work faster and easier.

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