Vaginal Mesh Disorder Treatments

The most common complications for vaginal meshes include vaginal scarring, painful sexual intercourse, mesh exposure (i.e. feeling a foreign body sensation in the vagina), and vaginal pain, to name a few.

The choice of treatment for a vaginal mesh complication depends on the kind of complication and includes surgical removal of the mesh, hormonal cream application, and / or pelvic floor physical therapy. For the best results, combination therapy of the methods below is often used.

Vaginal Mesh Excision

Surgical removal of vaginal mesh can often be performed vaginally (i.e. without abdominal incisions) with the total removal of all mesh that is in contact with the vaginal walls.

Non-mesh vaginal repairs may be performed at the same time, utilizing biologic materials or sutures to correct or prevent recurrent prolapse after mesh removal. Patients usually experience improvement of sexual and vaginal pain after the vaginal mesh is completely removed.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

A course of pelvic floor physical therapy can be used on its own or together with the surgical removal of mesh to relax and rehabilitate the pelvic floor muscle spasms causing pelvic floor pain.

Vaginal Topical Medication Therapy

Some vaginal suppositories and vaginal creams can be used to relax the pelvic floor muscles. These can be used on their own or combined with the treatments mentioned above.

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