Accurate Ingredient Measurements for Customer Satisfaction

Excellence and customer satisfaction in maintained by an RBA-certified master baker through accurate measurement.

Baking is not just art to RBA-Certified Master Baker Thomas Davis, it is a science. It takes precision to create a profitable, quality product. Davis is the owner of the award-winning Regina Bakery in western Cincinnati, OH, and President of the Ohio Bakers Association (OBA). He is dedicated to engineering the perfect sweet treat.

The Regina Bakery is a modern Miami Heights facility where all food is made by hand - from donuts and pastries to dinner rolls and wedding cakes. Large quantities of food are produced every day for both retail and wholesale distribution. The Regina Bakery has been successful for 50 years and Davis puts this down to the accuracy of measurements for each part of the baking business, including ingredient portioning, food preparation and price calculations.

Accurate Weighing is Fundamental to Baking Operations

Precise ingredient weighing is the first step in producing each of Regina Bakery's celebrated baked goods. The taste, consistency and density of the product are ensured with the correct balance of raw ingredients, both liquid and dry. Extreme care must be taken when making dough to be used in multiple creations. The fermentation speed, color and taste may all be affected with just a slight change in the formula for the dough. This can cause delays in production that impact a bakery's profitability.

David said, "Incorrect measurement during this initial step is one of the most common reasons that the preparation of a baked treat fails - either at home or at the retail level. Accurate measurement of even the smallest ingredients ensures consistent results, guaranteeing my customers will get the product they have come to know and expect from my business."

Bakers must also combine exact quantities of dough, cake batter and other components to create each baked product. Regina Bakery is recognized for its high-quality hamburger buns prepared by carefully dividing and scaling prepared dough into pieces of equal weight ensuring uniformity. Regina Bakery's custom cake designs also require the same level of precision. The cake tins are filled with batter and weighed to ensure they are all the exact same weight. Even the smallest of differences in weight between each layer could result in an uneven cake, causing a bakery to lose valuable time.

The importance of accurate weighing continues daily even after Regina Bakery has been stocked with a variety of freshly baked goods. The price is determined by weighing each product before appropriate labels are attached. Other products such as tea cookies are sold by the pound and so need to be weighed at transaction. In order to keep the display cases full and store traffic flowing throughout the day, these processes must be quick and simple.

Finding an Economical, Reliable Equipment

Quality weighing equipment is required to ensure repeatability and profitability which consequently helps to improve productivity. Davis attended the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) in Las Vegas to hear of advancements in food service scale technology before adding another ingredient portioning scale to Regina Bakery's operations.

"The time I can save by embracing dependable weighing equipment with modern technology is invaluable," says Davis. "Some bakers aren't interested in equipment advances, but in order to improve your bakery performance I think it's critical to enlist the help of weighing products that support you through all stages of the retail baking process."

It was at IBIE that Davis learnt of the OHAUS Defender 3000 Xtreme washdown bench scale. This scale can withstand daily rigorous use due to its rugged stainless steel pan and frame. It also has a digital indicator, meaning it met all Davis’ criteria. It is ideal for weighing both wet and dry ingredients and the reasonable price was within his budget while still providing the functionality he was seeking.

With a higher capacity than previous models, the scale allows Regina Bakery to weigh heavier ingredients, for example a 65 lb. container of corn syrup, while still providing accurate measurements. If a quantity of syrup needs to be removed from the container, it can now be placed on the scale, tared and removed without having to place the removed product on another weighing device.

The reliability of the OHAUS brand led Davis to also purchase the Defender 3000 Xtreme. He is currently utilizing a Valor 7000 compact scale to portion dough and cake batter, and an RE Series price computing scale to weigh products sold by the pound. Noth scales have been specifically designed to weigh food and have simplified production for Regina Bakery providing years of dependable use.

Dependability Boosts Bakery Output and Product Quality Assurance

By adding the Defender 3000 Xtreme scale to its operations Regina Bakery has experienced an increase in productivity. The bakery’s output has seen a boost thanks to the scales ease of use and speed of results. This has ensured that shelves are continually stocked and sales are maximized. David is constantly searching for ways to satisfy his current customers and attract new customers and is confident that he will see a return on his investment through optimal quality assurance as a result of this dependable weighing equipment.

"Protecting the quality of my product is fundamental to my success as an independent bakery owner," said Davis. "The reliability of the OHAUS scales allows me to maintain Regina Bakery's 50-year history of excellence and customer satisfaction by guaranteeing consistency that yields high-quality baked goods."

It can be quite challenging to balance quality requirements with production demands in the bakery industry. Bakers can meet demands and increase their bottom line by adopting new technology to speed up production. Regina Bakery has been able to grow its business and simultaneously maintain its product quality promise through a combination of tried-and-true product consistency measures with evolving weighing technology.

Learn more about the Defender 3000 and Valor 7000

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