Maintaining Beverage Quality with a Moisture Analyzer

Slovakian beverage producer, McCarter, maintains the quality of their beverage products using OHAUS’ MB120 Moisture Analyzer.

When it comes to beverages, there are more choices than ever before. Recently, more and more healthy alternatives to soda have been hitting the market, such as juices, teas and plant-based milk all fortified with new and exciting flavors and nutrients. Slovakian beverage producer, McCarter, is at the forefront of this movement to attract this increasingly health-conscious market.

Award-Winning Company Produces Popular Beverage Brands

The innovative and award-winning company, founded in 1997, is the producer of many recognizable beverage brands such as Body&Future, Rio Fresh, Rio Fusion, Zeus and V12. These products are exported throughout Eastern Europe. McCarter also facilitates the importation and distribution of Jana mineral water and Kraš sweets from Croatia, Teekanne teas from Germany, and AriZona teas from the US.

In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, this innovative and progressive brand continues to push the realms of possibility. McCarter is persistently testing out the viability of new beverages such as those enhanced with fruit chunks, proteins, basil, chia and flax seeds. The most advanced and reliable laboratory equipment is required to accurately formulate these beverages and run quality control tests.

OHAUS Precision Balances

OHAUS precision balances were already a staple part of McCarter labs. This familiarity with the brand meant that McCarter turned to OHAUS again when the time came to add a reliable moisture analyzer to the lab. Equipment was needed that could quickly and accurately determine moisture and McCarter decided that the OHAUS MB120 Moisture Analyzer would meet these needs in terms of reliability and precision.

“The tests that we performed with the MB120 unit OHAUS provided us for a two-week testing period proved that it is perfect for our product range thanks to the four different heating profiles,” said Karol Malík, Head of Laboratory at McCarter. McCarter was very impressed with the MB120’s accuracy and repeatability. The MB120 allows the manufacturer to react promptly to the demands of the entire production, which is ideal for quickly and precisely determining moisture content in the food industry.

MB120 Moisture Analyzer

The MB120 is functional, precise and easy to operate and clean. The optimum drying temperature can be established through advanced features such as a temperature guide and statistical analysis of measurements is facilitated with its methods and results storage. Up to 100 drying methods can be stored by the MB120 for easy recall and up to 1,000 results for statistical analysis. Samples can be dried uniformly with its precisely controlled halogen heating, allowing repeatable results to be produced to 0.01% readability.

“The methods library, the different heating profiles and the very quick, accurate results - usually within 15-20 minutes, while the reference method took at least four to six hours - have all changed the game for us,” said Malík. “From now on, the new MB120 is going to be used as our primary quick moisture analyser for both intermediate and final product checks.”

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