Mixing Paint Components for Automotive Marking

OHAUS Heavy Duty Shakers have been used to shake up business for Continental Automotive Groups’ Slovakian branch.

Continental Automotive Systems s.r.o. Slovakia is one branch of the leading German automotive manufacturing company. The multinational corporation specializes in parts for the automotive and transportation industries, such as tyres, braking systems, interior electronics, automotive safety and power train. The Slovakian branch specializes in producing rubbers and tyres for cars and trucks.

Automotive Marking Process

Precise marking of the rubber surface is just one step in Continentals’ production process. Delivered in one-litre flasks containing pigment and solvent, this marking uses a special paint mixture designed for durability.

Before decorating a tyre, these flasks may be left on a warehouse shelf for some time, resulting in the two components separating from each other. This is because pigment and solvent have different densities. Under strict Continental quality standards, the paint components need to be mixed in a particular way so that the paint can regain its original properties.

Heavy Duty Shaker

Continental Automotive required dependable equipment in order for the components of the paint to be properly mixed within the flasks. This way, the chance of sub-optimal mixtures would be reduced and workflow improved. The Heavy Duty Shaker from OHAUS resolved any issues with the paint mixing process.

OHAUS Heavy Duty Shakers can withstand loads from 15 to 68 kg and provide over 70 accessory options. Designed to cope with a range of applications, they are simple to install and use. Available in analog or digital models, the equipment has a microprocessor control providing variable speed and consistent shaking during the ramp up to the required speed.

Continental Automotive has high-quality standards and requires a consistent painting process that is stable at the optimal levels. OHAUS shakers deliver exceptional speed control, accuracy and durability to meet all of Continentals needs.

OHAUS Orbital Shakers

The Slovakian branch of the German manufacturer is soon to invest in OHAUS orbital shakers with an additional 4 bar adjustable platform. These get the paint ready for use by continuously spinning at around 300-400 rpm.

Production will be streamlined for Continental Automotive with OHAUS orbital shakers, providing years of dependable use. A great difference will be made to the manufacturer’s day-to-day business with the ability to accurately mix the paint.

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