Balancing Your Health Needs

Making the decision to pursue a healthier lifestyle is easy enough, but actually following through with this is where many of us fail.

We push ourselves to our limits with our new lifestyle for a week or so, and then we fall off the wagon and never quite manage to get back to our desired regime.

Are you aware that making just easy, minor changes can have a major impact on your well-being? If you have doubts, read on for these top tips on how to increase your movement this year.

Prioritize Movement

The difficulty with exercise is that we often don’t treat it as a key part of our routine in the same way that we do organizing childcare or being on time for work. However, the fact remains that physical activity is vital to our health and actually improves our efficiency levels.

Instead of thinking of exercise as something to be squeezed in, if or when we have extra time, we should try to view it as something that is essential to our health. This way, we’re less likely to let it be forgotten the moment we get busy, and will instead work to find the time, motivation and opportunities to make room for it.

Find an Activity that Works for You

Consider your lifestyle, as well as the things you do and don’t enjoy, to find an activity that will be most suitable for you. If you opt for something that is enjoyable, that isn’t overly time consuming and that will be easy to fit into your schedule (for example, brisk walking), then you are far more likely to keep up this activity in the long-term.

Be Prepared

Every moment matters when you are trying to manage a hectic lifestyle, so ensure that when you are aiming to exercise, you are prepared in advance. It may be something as simple as leaving your gym wear at the end of your bed, ready to throw on in the morning, or keeping your walking shoes by the door for a midday stroll. Greater preparation leaves you with fewer excuses.

A Few Minutes Is Better than Nothing

Moving is always better than staying still, and even just a few minutes can have an impact. Even during an exceptionally busy time, we can always find just a few moments to increase our heart rate and get our blood circulating. Squeeze in whatever time you can manage, even if it doesn’t seem like much, and it will make the difference when it comes to improving your health.

Incorporate It into Your Day

If your work schedule is packed back to back, why not suggest a walking meeting to stimulate creativity? If you have a daily commute, you can use this as an opportunity to improve your fitness by cycling to work, or even just parking further away and walking the remaining distance.

If you are socializing with friends, combine your catch up with some physical activity rather than coffee and sweet treats. When moving around throughout your day, always opt for the stairs over the elevator or escalator for a free version of the step machine at the gym.

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