Choosing a Pain Reliever that Works for You

An effective and safe method of easing pain caused by the strain, tension, and stress of everyday life is TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation).

What is TENS?

TENS is a method of relieving everyday pain which is both drug-free and effective. Kinetik TENS Pain Relievers are able to block the passage of pain signals to the brain by delivering small, painless electrical pulses via electrodes placed on a client’s skin. This stimulates the body to produce more endorphins – the body’s own pain-relieving chemicals.

What Conditions can TENS Help with?

TENS can offer pain relief for several pain conditions, including sports strains and sprains, sciatica, back pain, and almost all muscle-related injuries. Clients should always talk to a pharmacist for information regarding specific conditions. It is also important to note that TENS pain relievers cannot be used by pregnant women or during labor.

The TENS pain relievers from Kinetik Wellbeing are specifically designed in order to function easily and safely at relieving everyday pain. Pain relief management can be customized depending on the area of the body affected and the level of pain felt, courtesy of multiple intensity and stimulation settings.

Every model of Kinetik’s Pain Relief range has its own individual features and benefits.

But Which Pain Reliever will Work Best for You?

Each pain relief device’s essential features are listed below, in order to help potential customers work out which is the best for their needs.

Kinetik Dual Channel Tens Pain Reliever (TD2)

Perfect for:  Pain relief for different areas of the body, varying intensity to match your pain levels, comforting massage

Key features:

This model is easy to use for massages and pain relief, and comes with a rechargeable battery which uses a USB cable. This provides a range of different massage effects thanks to eight stimulation settings, and is both portable and lightweight.

Its large LCD display is easy to read, and it comes with four pads and two channels. There are twenty intensities per channel, tailored to varying parts of the body. Time settings can be altered from between 10 to 60 minutes per session.

Kinetik Wireless Tens Pain Reliever (WT1)

Perfect for: Pain relief on the go, use whilst you are at work or away from home

Key features:

This model is convenient easily portable. As it is wireless, there are no messy cables, which makes it simple to use when outside of the house. It offers fifteen different intensities, and is equipped with a twenty-minute timer and a reusable adhesive gel pad.

Kinetik Digital TENS Period Pain Reliever

Perfect for: Easing period pain at home or away

This model is easy to use and safe. It is discreet, courtesy of its small size, and is portable and lightweight for simple use outside of the house. It is possible to use this alongside pain medication, and it arrives complete with batteries, pad, and wire.

The pads on all Kinetik pain relievers can be easily replaced. Replacement pads can be purchased online whenever they are required.

About Kinetik Wellbeing

At Kinetik Wellbeing we believe that technology has an important role to play in making all of our lives better. Our award-winning, affordable and accurate range of products allow you to independently take control of your Health and Wellbeing through regular checks and treatment in the comfort of your own home.

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Our Experience

Overseen by our parent company, Kinetik Technology Group, our highly experienced teams in the UK and Hong Kong continue to develop and manufacture a range of products for the Worldwide medical and wellness markets.

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