Could more Exercise Reduce Stress?

Exercising on a regular basis offers benefits not only for our physical wellbeing, but also for our mental wellbeing, enabling us to better cope with day to day stressors.

There are a variety of factors that can contribute to stress. Health issues, financial difficulties, work or even just our responses to daily life can result in increased stress and anxiety.

In 2018, the Mental Health Foundation authorized a UK wide stress survey which found that at some point over the previous year, 74% of adults had found themselves under a level of stress which left them feeling overwhelmed or not able to manage.

Stress isn’t avoidable, but it is manageable

Stress Management Society

Escaping our issues may not be an option, but through exercise, we can find relief from the stress they cause. Taking up regular exercise as part of our daily routine can provide stress relief in a number of ways.

A Natural Release

Aerobic exercise leads to an increased heart rate, which causes the body to release endorphins – brain chemicals which act as natural pain suppressants and mood lifters.

The positive feeling we experience following exercise is our body enjoying a natural high. Aside from their pain relief and mood lifting properties, endorphins can also aid with improved sleep. In combination, these benefits can lead to lower stress levels, and incorporating exercise into your regular routine means these benefits will be enjoyed more frequently.

A Sense of Wellbeing

Enhanced fitness levels, increased stamina and weight loss are all physical benefits linked to regular exercise. Experiencing these positive changes leads to increased self-esteem, and with greater physical strength comes greater emotional strength and mental wellbeing.

A Welcome Distraction

During periods of stress, it can be difficult to think of anything beyond the cause of your worries. Directing your attention wholly towards something else, even for a brief period, can offer vital relief and a chance to be distracted from stressful issues.

A further helpful distraction can be found by taking part in a gym class or joining a sports team, allowing you to link with a new social circle.

Minor Changes, Major Differences

Enjoying a 20 minute walk or taking part in a yoga class can be just as valuable to your wellbeing as a challenging gym session or a lengthy run. Each type of exercise comes with its own benefits, and different people are suited to different activities.

You may find that your stress is eased by a breath of fresh air outdoors, by honing in on the power of your breathing or by focusing on the soothing rhythm of muscle repetitions. Just as stress is unique to each person, so are the ways in which we can manage it.

Where Should You Start?

Before taking up any new type of exercise, it is wise to take advice from your GP. Your starting point will often be determined by your current level of fitness, but you can explore a number of different options to discover which activities you find the most enjoyable.

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