Ease Tightness and Reduce Tension in Your Body

Are tension and stiffness having an impact on your wellbeing? This article will offer some simple-to-follow tips to help you manage this issue.

However, before you continue reading, take a moment to:

  1. Pause in whatever activity you are doing
  2. Take a mental note of your body and posture
  3. Pay attention to your back, neck and shoulders. Are your shoulders rounded? Is your neck stiff? Does your back feel tight and rigid?

It is highly likely that at least one of these points is applicable to you, either now or at some point in your day. They are all indicators of the tension we hold in our bodies - the default setting for those of us leading busy lives and often stuck hunched at a computer screen.

These non-stop lifestyles result in stiff muscles and tension, leading to discomfort that often extends into physical pain. As we push ourselves to achieve more and more within limited time frames, mental anxiety and stress also become more common.

This creates quite a stressful image, but the goal of this article is to help you relieve some of your tension and stiffness and to feel more relaxed by the end of the piece. Read on, and get ready to soothe your stress with these useful tips.

Loosen Up

The first piece of advice for beating tension is to improve your stiff, rounded posture.

Take a little time now to breathe out slowly, lower your shoulders away from your ears, sit back and take some slow, deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling. If possible, close your eyes for a few seconds and allow your body to loosen up.

It’s likely that this made an immediate difference. Try to carry out this brief exercise periodically throughout your day. Even if you are extremely busy, taking a few brief moments for self-care is key to preventing and relieving tension.

Stretch It Out

Stretching is one of the best things you can do for your body. The impact of our hectic lifestyles causes muscles to bunch up. Where possible, take a moment at the beginning and end of your day to enjoy some light stretches.

If you exercise, stretching prior to and after your workout can help repair your muscles and aid in avoiding injury.

Yoga or Pilates classes are a fantastic choice for both your mental and physical wellbeing. Yoga is also reported to have a positive impact on reducing blood pressure, making it an excellent choice for your overall wellbeing.  

Massage Your Pain Away

To ease physical and emotional tension, there is nothing quite like a soothing massage. A certified massage therapist will consider your individual health concerns and deliver a massage designed to soothe your identified stress points. Those dealing with injuries or recurring pain can visit a sports therapist to address their symptoms, and will leave feeling as though they are floating on air.

Soak the Tension Away

Hot baths were used by the Ancient Egyptians in 2000 BC as a form of therapy, and people have been using them to soothe their tension ever since. The warm water eases muscle fibers and relaxes the body to release tension. To make a bath even more relaxing, try adding Epsom salts or essential oils to the water.

Find Some TENS Relief

A TENS machine is a natural and drug-free way to release tension and ease pain in your body.  A TENS Reliever blocks the path through which pain signals are sent to the brain by distributing minor electrical pulses through electrodes placed on the skin.

This stimulates the body to produce higher levels of endorphins, a natural pain killer.  The intensity of a TENS machine can be adjusted to suit your own comfort levels, allowing you to enjoy some well-earned relaxation while the helpful electrodes do their job.

Kinetik Wellbeing offers a number of different TENS Pain Relievers to suit your individual needs.

As we approach the end of this piece, reflect on how you are feeling at this point.

Referring back to the steps above, pause to take a mental check of your body, sit back and take some deep breaths. Hopefully, you are experiencing greater relaxation and reduced tension from when you began reading.

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