Easy Home-Based Health Checks You Can Do Today

Ever more busy daily routines, combined with increasingly lengthy waiting times for simple medical appointments, can lead to us missing the warning signs that point to an issue with our health.

However, there are actions you can take to ensure you are alerted to possible issues before they take a more serious turn.

Leading a Healthier Lifestyle

There is no doubt that eating a healthier diet and increasing fitness levels will have a positive impact on your overall health. A balanced diet will provide your body with a wealth of nutrients to help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels, offering protection again serious issues such as cardiac arrest, stroke or heart disease.

Supplementing these healthy eating habits with regular physical activity will offer even more benefits to your heart health, as well as improving your mental wellbeing and helping in the fight against obesity.

Monitoring Your Health at Home

The monitoring of one’s own health is becoming ever more popular, with a variety of devices available to help you closely track your own health markers without the need for a medical appointment.

What Health Checks Can You Carry Out at Home?

Blood Pressure

With no identifiable symptoms, high blood pressure is often referred to as a ‘silent killer.’ While this condition is easy to miss, failure to seek treatment can lead to serious health issues. The only guaranteed way to detect hypertension is by regularly checking your blood pressure and making sure you understand the results.

With the help of an at-home blood pressure monitor, you can check your health on a regular basis, and report variations or worries to your doctor. Kinetik Blood Pressure Monitors come with a variety of features to support the needs of your household.

As an example, The Kinetik Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort offers a universal comfort cuff and a 3-user memory, allowing every member of your family to monitor their health with ease.

Tip: When taking blood pressure readings at home, ensure consistency by always checking at the same time of day and by making sure your heart rate is not temporarily elevated.

Glucose / Blood Sugar

For those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) can have a serious impact. To maintain good health and to avoid the impact of related conditions such as heart disease and stroke, it is vital that those living with diabetes maintain blood glucose levels within their target range.

This can be managed through regular testing of blood glucose levels at home, with blood glucose testing strips and a home glucose monitoring system.

Tracking your blood sugar levels at home is achieved by placing a drop of blood on a test strip and placing it inside a compatible glucose monitor, such as the Kinetik Wellbeing Blood Glucose Monitoring System. This system allows for rapid and discreet blood glucose testing, either at home or on the go.


A reliable thermometer in the home first aid kit is a source of great peace of mind for every parent. Illness can develop rapidly in children, and an elevated temperature is often one of the earliest warning signs of an issue. Detecting an increase in temperature can help you to take rapid action if you have concerns about your child’s health.

Kinetik Wellbeing offers both inner ear and non-contact thermometers to suit your needs. Neither option is right or wrong, but families may have differing preferences on what works best for them.


A wearable fitness tracker is a fantastic tool for monitoring your physical activity.  You can track your distance, number of steps, calories burned and the length of your workout sessions.  Recording your data can allow you to monitor your progress, and even find further inspiration in competing against friends.

Wearing a heart rate monitor, such as the Kinetik Wellbeing HRM4 Heart Rate Monitor, during your workout will offer real-time, constant and accurate heart rate data as you exercise.  Tracking your heart rate allows you to measure the efficacy of your workout – as your body gains strength through exercise, so does your heart.

Tracking your heart rate while exercising is also a helpful way to alert you to when you are pushing yourself too hard, or to let you know that you can push more to further increase your fitness. It’s the perfect way to monitor your health on the go.

Tip: When training with a heart rate monitor, allow your body to get settled into your workout before you start to track results.  This will deliver a more accurate reading for your activity session.

** It is vital to note that whilst home health checks are a useful way to keep an eye on your wellbeing, you should always visit a medical professional if you have concerns about any symptoms or other areas of yours or your family’s wellbeing. **

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