Running the London Marathon, What's It Like?

Do you have a long-held ambition to compete in the London Marathon? Kinetik’s Marketing Coordinator, Molly, faced one of the running world’s greatest challenges, and has shared her inspiring story here.

Once the immense build-up was over and the sound of the roaring crowds had ceased, Molly was able to reflect on the incredible experience of running the London Marathon.

Before facing the marathon itself, she had the opportunity to attend the London Marathon Expo with Kinetik Wellbeing.

Each runner stops by the Expo in the days leading up to the marathon to collect their race number. The team from Kinetik were proud to attend in support of their partners, St John Ambulance, and enjoyed the chance to meet excited athletes ahead of the race.

Kinetik Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort

This was a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the great work of St John Ambulance and their aim shared with Kinetik to deliver health in the home. The team used the Kinetik Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort to check the blood pressure of hundreds of athletes and their families, highlighting the importance of monitoring and managing this vital indicator of health.

Following the excitement of the Expo on Saturday, it was time at last for the main event. Molly was taken aback by the vast crowds of brightly dressed runners at the Greenwich’s Red Start, and found that the sunshine and mixture of people running for so many emotionally charged causes made for an incomparable atmosphere.

Experienced runners are well aware that the London Marathon is not a time to aim for a personal best, as great time and energy are expended simply working around the crowds of runners alongside you. Molly’s most demoralizing moment came at the 18 mile marker, when she glanced at her fitness tracker to discover that all the extra weaving she had done meant she had actually run 19 miles so far.

While London is probably the most crowded run you can compete in, the experience makes it entirely worthwhile. It is well worth ironing your name to your vest to have the crowds screaming out support to you at every stage.

Matters were made even more challenging by the fact that Molly’s training had been completed through the long winter season, while the big day turned out to be the hottest London Marathon on record. She made sure to visit every Buxton water stop along the route, and was delighted to see the streets lined by so many volunteers from St John Ambulance.

With so many runners reaching exhaustion point, the volunteers had a tough job to do, but carried it out thoroughly and fantastically, making the Kinetik team proud of their partnership.

Molly noted that the kind gestures of everyone who supported her on that day will always stay with her, from the continuous encouraging yells of the crowd, to the women who held her up at the finish line when her legs gave up.

Kinetik Bluetooth Activity Tracker

Throughout the day, she wore her Kinetik Bluetooth Activity Tracker, which allowed her to monitor her own time alongside the mile markers. By 7pm, she had covered more than 54 km and taken nearly 56,000 steps, while burning an incredible 3,750 calories. Viewing the statistics of marathon running highlight what an incredible feat it is for our bodies to handle the challenge.

Molly found that comments about marathons being addictive certainly rang true. Through the pain and exhaustion of the run itself, she felt sure she would never want to do such a thing again, but after calming down, recovering and reflecting on the immense achievement, she soon found herself searching for where she could take on her next marathon challenge.

Even more vital than physically challenging herself was the fact that she was able to raise over £2,500 for mental health. Molly admits that she is relieved to take a break from the constant marathon talk of how her training is going and her target time, and looks forward to enjoying a well-deserved rest.

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